Sea Change

Part Eight of the Madness Series

by poyznelf


Who would have guessed that my little plan would have all come unraveled due to a little power outage.

That little outage didn't just blackout twenty blocks of Cascade. No, it outed me too.

How you ask.

Simple, the battery backup for the camera kept it humming away. Humming

away when all else was quiet.

Needless to say those annoying sentinel senses picked right up on it.

The camera's infrared film picked up Jim's stone-cold stare from across the street, perfectly.

Unfortunately, because of the battery backup, I didn't know that the power had gone out until twenty-four hours later when the lawyer who rented the place for me called to say the cops were "asking questions."

Demanding answers is more like it, if I know Jim.

And after four years, I KNOW JIM.


I don't know who is behind the spy cam, but when I find out, they are toast.

The only good thing to come of all this is that Jim no longer thinks I am the bad guy.

He is starting to realize that there is a force out there that needs to be reckoned with. A person or persons, out there trying to damage our trust in each other.

And it almost worked.

I have started calling it; The poltergeist, Imp, or GOD DAMNED MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE.

It all really depends on my mood or stress level.

Mostly it is the third option.

Hey man, I have been extremely stressed.


After finding the camera during that lucky power outage, I started paying just a little better attention when I was in places I spent lots of time in.

Needless to say, I came up with two more of the fucking things.

At the station. Focused right through Simon's window. And the other focused into the bullpen.

Right away, after finding the first one, and the power coming back on, Blair and I started researching the tenant of the apartment where the camera was located.

The leasee was Schtup, Bubba, and Crapps, LLP, law firm, located in Berkeley, California.

Time to take a little trip I think.

The phone calls weren't getting us anywhere.


Jim wants to put personal pressure on these slimeball lawyers.

Me, I keep thinking that the name of the law firm sounds familiar...

Then it hits me.

That was the name on the allowance checks I received monthly during my first four years at Rainier.

Holy Shit.