Not Letting This Go

Part Five of The Madness Series

By: poyznelf



"Naomi's Story"

I want him back.

He's mine dammit. I paid for him... fair and square.

Want to know how? Okay, I'll tell you.

I had an affair with a man who was much older than me. My Mother's stepbrother as a matter of fact. My parents were so unthrilled to say the least. I knew he didn't love me, and I didn't love him.

It was all about getting what I wanted, want my parents wouldn't let me have. So I took it.

And I got caught.

So my parents threw me out... kind of.

They paid for a small home for me, they paid for my medical bills, and they paid for all my wants. I just couldn't live with them.

I was to be let back in after I had "spawned the brat" and given him up for adoption.

I was lucky, I had a very easy pregnancy and delivery.

But he was such a beautiful baby, I just couldn't give him up. I love to have beautiful things around me. So I added him to my collection.

I got so many compliments. And since I prefer to be the center of attraction. These made me glow.


My parents were very displeased and basically cut me off on the spot. They did leave me the house, my car, and all my stuff.

So I sold the house, packed me and the kid into the car and went to sponge off of some of the local hippies I had been hanging out with. Let me explain...

Hippies, flower children, free lovers, whatever you call them, are very generous people. They don't care what your story is, they will take you in, feed you, take care of your babies, let you sleep with their boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, wives... children. All for the sake of free love.

Because Blair was such a sweet, charming baby, there were plenty of people who were willing to take him off my hands.

I would leave him with them for weeks on end. Telling them that I was going on retreat. Then while they were tending to my doll, I was out partying with rich men, receiving more baubles for my charms.

Having a very good time.

Never thinking about the child I had left behind.

I gladly taught him how to "detach with love."


Over the next sixteen years I spent at least half of my time away from sweet, pretty, and precocious Blair. I never let his disappointment at being separated from me hold me back. I gleamed with pride at his academic accomplishments. I was pleased to see that he was pleasing to the women and encouraged his sexual freedom.

But I never let his goals, wants, or needs get in my way. What I wanted came first. What I thought best for him happened. That was the rules.

I was not afraid to interfere or turn his life upside down. Need some examples.

By the time he was ready to go to college at the tender age of sixteen, I had my trust fund.

He never saw a penny of it. I thought that it would be better for him to work his way through school on his own.

And he did. Admirably.

I don't like cops. At all. I don't trust them. They remind me of my parents. Always stopping me from doing WHAT I WANT.

So when I found out he was working WITH the pigs. I went ballistic. I put on a shameful scene in the head pig's office.

It didn't work. He actually stood up to me and in front of them.

I would have made him pay if I hadn't totally jonesed on the thrills when I got involved with their little undercover capers. I can still feel the adrenaline rush.

But my one of my finest moments was when I sent his thesis to Sid. And the only person who would have suffered was Jim (who cares about that good looking pig and general bad influence on my son), but my son had to go and ruin everything.

No three million dollars, no Noble prize. No Doctorate.

Stupid boy.

Then he up and disappears. Which in essence was okay because I got to do the whole sympathy act. The worried, grieving mother.

But then he came back. Almost a vegetable. Basically a retard. Mute, imbecilic. I saw the perfect chance to get him away from the pigs.

But then he went and rejected me. His mother.

For them.

For Jim.

Well the last time I had him drugged and kidnapped. I tried to get a professional to make him into my old Blair.

Why? What have I done to deserve this?

Well no problem. I will get him back. Because what I want, I get! So here I sit in an office that looks out over at the Loft. Watching them.


"Hey Jim, man, you know I have been feeling like someone is watching us. Have you noticed anything?"