Left Behind

Missing Scene for Part Four of The Madness Series - Cresting the Wave

By: poyznelf

EMAIL: poisonelf@enter.net


Written as a Gift-fic for my Sentinelangst Listsib, Julie Goldwyn who died from life threatening injuries suffered from the inhalation of Chloroform fumes. Julie you are missed.

Does it hurt to remember, does it help to forget.
Do you know what you started, when you lit the fuse of regret.

There's not a reason why, you've come undone.
There's nothing left to justify, this can't go on.
There's nothing left inside as I walk this broken land.
"Paper Sun" by Def Leppard from the Euphoria CD

You know it's kind of peaceful. If your into dark, lonely roads in the middle of dark, scary forests.

As I continue my stumbling walk through this sylvan area, I try repeating my chant in my head to help center myself.

But it only works until I sprawl face down in the dusty logging road.

I am beginning to think that maybe I should try another mantra. Listing all the tests I am gonna run on my errant Sentinel, when and if I ever see him again.

I think I should have put that 'if' in capital letters.

I mean I know where I am.


I even have an idea of how far I might have to go until I reach the main highway. But...

Will anybody willingly pickup a restrained, wandering freak? I don't think so!

Oh yeah I guess I forgot to mention one tiny detail at the beginning of my monologue. Okay maybe a few things.

One... I am in handcuffs. And yes they are behind my back.

Two... I have a really sore throat from the goons who tried to use me as a human shield from the cops during a botched bank heist as they got away. The lack of water isn't helping.

Three... the robbers were apprehended after a brief shootout with the Cascade PD here in the forest.

Four... Everyone just left me behind. And yes Jim was a part of the arresting unit.

But me I had to go and fall asleep while sitting against a tree. And when I woke up a couple of hours ago... it was nighttime.

Oh yeah and one more thing. Did I mention the fact that I think I dislocated my shoulder in the accident when the robbers' car went out of control and ran off the road into a tree.

And my head hurts too. I think I have a concussion.

So I am going to continue to wander down this road till I come to the main highway. Maybe a cop will drive by and pick me up for something just so I can get fixed up.

But that is still a few miles away, so I must keep on.

I must find my Sentinel.

Does he still want me? I still can't talk. I can't help with supporting the partnership with any financial means cause I don't work. And I still have no memory beyond the dark times. I break into a slow jog.

I hear something. I see golden yellow eyes staring at me. Two pairs.

I see the Jaguar and the Wolf...

Do you still hear them screamin'
And does the fear make you run
Is the anger inside of you a gift from father to son.
"Paper Sun" by Def Leppard from the Euphoria CD