by poyznelf


It was those damn towels.

Jim was so damn picky that he wanted them off the floor when we were

done showering.

And well there was one hook, a towel ring by the sink for the hand towel,

a towel bar, and the shower curtain rod.

You would think that would be enough to handle three towels and a few wash cloths, but you would be dead wrong.

The towels are either those massive body sheets, or the regular-size cheapy I use for my hair. And two of those huge things DO NOT FIT on a standard towel bar.

Nope, no way.

And Jim will not let us use the shower curtain rod for hanging towels either. After the showers, it must be closed.

Like it is some sin to allow people to see that you use soap and shampoo???

So okay, we started putting them in the hamper.

Only problem was...

They were wet.

Wet towels on top of dry dirty laundry, building up over a few days. And what do you have?


Now during the winter. It isn't so bad. This place is chilly, so mold doesn't get much of a chance to grow. But nothing dries either. Because it is damn damp here. Hell it is damn damp here ALL the time.

Well anyway, this mold not only caused Jim all kinds of problems with his senses, but it stank.

Stank, smelled, reeked.

Like a gym kind of reek.

Well so now we have this problem. What do we do with those fucking towels.

Do you have any suggestions?

Mine was to buy a second shower curtain rod and place it just behind the shower curtain. Over that we leave the bath sheets to dry.

Then we leave the shower curtain OPEN unless we have guests.

And I bought one of those cheap wood drying racks. It got set up in the back hallway. Here I put my hair towel. We leave the bathroom door open during the day. This gets some air moving in that room. And we leave the ceiling fan on to help.

Needless to say, Jim is less then thrilled with my solutions, but it beats having to buy new towels every week, and the whole place smelling like a swamp. So he grudgingly does it,

Now if only I could figure out what to do with all the hair...