High Expectations

By: poyznelf

EMAIL: poisonelf@inter.net


Blair didn't think Jim noticed what went on. But he did.

He had seen the tough time Blair had been through at the academy. He had heard the sighs of impatience and sadness. But other than to show silent support, he never said a word.

But now he could be silent no longer. His… their high hopes were false. The badge didn't cure the disease. It just hid the symptoms.

They, Blair, had found out just how fragile his friendships in Major Crimes were. As distrust and fear ram rampant through the bullpen. Accusations and spitefulness were flung about, with Blair the ultimate victim of the fallout.

Something missing on a desk, in a file, in evidence, suggest that maybe "Sandburg" had been near it last, or seen it last, or touched it last, or been in the room alone with it last.

IA's visits to Captain Banks' office became frequent and predictable. Followed quite often with Sandburg's visits there and then IA.

You watch as the spark leaves your partner's eyes, he becomes sullen, quiet, and very sad. He often seems very confused. You see his offers of help, rebuffed.

You decided enough is enough.


"Hmmm?" is the disinterested reply to your summons from the livingroom.

"Chief, if you had your choice of someplace to go, to move, right now, where would it be?"

The response is immediate, no thought involved, which is what you hoped for. "Key West."

"ummm, why man?"

"Why?" you ask.

"They just want to have a good time, nobody cares what you did there. That sounds nice, you know."

"Yeah Chief, I know. Do you think six months is soon enough? Can you hold out till then? Can you work the job for that long?"

His head finally swivels in your direction and he eyes you with a mixture of almost distrust.

"What do you mean, man???"

"I have to much stuff to tie up here to move right now, but if you can hold out that long, Key West here we come. We by a place out there, maybe a business, and we get jobs, enjoy the sunshine, and become nobodies. Sounds good doesn't it? No more IA, no more court, no more rain, mist, rain, snow weather, just sunshine and new people."

You see the spark flare to life in his eyes, even as he holds his breath to ask one last question, "you'd do that, for me?"

And your answer is unhesitant, "You did it for me. And I can't do it without you anymore?"

You watch as he literally jumps up off the couch, and starts pacing animatedly in front of you, conversation once again welling from his lips, facts and statistics about Key West pouring out, details of things that must be accomplished before moving bubble forth, as your friend stops right by your side, where you sit enjoying the show from the kitchen table.

"thanks Jim," he breathes.

"Thank you Blair," as you pull him into a hug.