By: poyznelf



Okay, sure I have my mom. You know, Naomi. And I love her. I really do. Even though she is a bit unconventional, she is a great mom.

I also have an assortment of cousins, uncles, and aunts.

Actually I have had more than my fair share of "Uncles."

But that was it until…

I made the choice.

See, I read this series of books by Andrew Vachss. They are very dark, but the core group of characters: Burke, Max, Michelle, The Mole, Mac, Flower, Mama, Terry, and The Prof, are a family. They stand up for each other, no matter what. But they are unrelated and unwanted by their real families, so they chose each other. Family of Choice.

That’s right I chose a new family. Of course I don’t know if they would choose me back. But I would do anything for these people.

Would you like me to introduce them to you? Okay, here goes.

First my Mom is still my Mom. No one could ever take her place.

But Dad, well that is Simon. Of course don’t ever tell him I said so. I think he’d freak. Hell, I know he’d freak. Wig out, have a hairy conniption fit, get his knickers in a bunch, go over the deep edge. But he still is like a father to me in a lot of ways. He’s not afraid to play the hard ass disciplinarian when I need it, on me or any of my "siblings." He worries about us when we’re hurt or in trouble. He tries his best to direct us onto the right paths when it looks like we’re lost. But he can also joke around and "play" with us too. I wonder how he’d feel about being paired up with Naomi? He’d freak. Big time!!! I wonder how she’d feel being paired up with him? The Man, the fuzz, head pig. Okay, she’d freak and then process.

Next is Uncle Joel. He cares without being too strict. He’s a big teddy bear. And he and Dad are close enough that Dad trusts him to watch the kids.

First of my siblings is of course my big brother Jim. Granted Jim is much more, but since this is my family, he gets to be my big "protective" older brother. Granted I think he is Dad’s favorite. But he is also my favorite. But like any big brother he picks on me too.

Next is my older sister Megan. She’s pretty, she’s smart, but she also has a loopy side to her that you just have to love. I have to admit that she and my older brother argue an awful lot, but I think it is cause they are a way to similar in personality.

Then there is the "twins." Rafe and H. Of course though they don’t look anything alike. They don’t act alike either, but are of a similar age and temperament. You know kind of easy going. Rafe is the quiet one, and H is the prankster. But get in a tight spot and their both there to help you out.

Next is me, no I am not the baby. That’s Daryl. But since the rest tend to treat me as an almost baby brother, I am pretty close. I can get away with a lot more then them, and in some ways I am spoiled, but they pick on me too.

Then there is Baby Daryl, man wouldn’t he have a cow if he heard that. But he is the only one who truly gets away with anything here. He can play video games, and gets almost waited on by Rhonda, but you know we all still love him.

So yeah, I have decided that these unrelated people are my family. But hey don’t tell them I said that.