Life Goes On

By Joana Dey



Gentle On My Mind by Kathy Keegan features a scenario in which Ray Doyle has been involved in a car accident and suffered severe injuries. He's brain damaged. A lot of his memory has gone and his "problem solving" abilities are jeopardized. Ray is "intellectually challenged," and with Bodie's help is fighting back.


Newly released from hospital, Ray goes home….to a new home with Bodie. Their friends from CI5 are most supportive, especially when Bodie is still at work and in harm's way. Ray's uncle invites them for a short holiday on the farm "out west," and Ray rediscovers motorbikes. Slowly he's regaining a sense of self and purpose while filling in the blanks in his memory with new memories.


Here is the "Holiday In Rome" chapter, where the high point of the story is the two weeks in Italy where Ray's horizons are broadened. He's working again, at a Sports Club; Bodie gives him all the space he needs to grow and learn. Then some men CI5 are searching for turn up at the very club where Ray is working…


In this chapter Ray is really getting his feet back under him. He's spending more time at CI5 and he's studying for a new job under the watchful eye of George Cowley. Imagine Ray and Macklin as allies and pals! But Towser's not so nice to be around, and Bodie's work is taking him into danger.


It's Christmas, and Ray is back at work. He's developing in every way, and not only is he 'aware' of women, well, women are aware of him, too. Bodie is amused, but the situation blows up when a girl makes a heavy pass, not at Ray, but at Bodie. Meanwhile, Murphy's about to become a father, and Brian Macklin, Ray's good friend and sometime tutor, is ailing.


Ray and Bodie are working full time…busy, productive, positive and optimistic. In fact, they're working so hard that the time has come for a good vacation. They take the opportunity to go out to Uncle Albert's farm, where Ray has his horse. And then, as always, trouble. Bodie and Ray do some detective work and uncover a snake pit of trouble that will land Bodie in the hospital, and Ray behind the wheel of a car, driving on the open road for first time since the accident where he almost died.

Chapters one through three are all novel length, while chapters four and five were published in Encore One and Two. The entire series can be found at the Nuthatch Website:

This zine was originally published by IDP Press on January 2001 and is now out-of-print. "Life Goes On" was written and published with the kind consent of Nuthatch Press.

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