By Debs


Notes - Thank you Saladscream, for the gift of an edible manip that sent my muse to slashers heaven. That's one Australia day I'll never forget! Thank you also, for your always amazing beta work. The time and care you invest in my fics is always appreciated :)


The white washed wall of the lighthouse shone in the early morning light like a neon sign. `Paradise,' Daniel thought as he leant against the slowly warming wall and tilted his face, eyes closed, towards the welcoming rays of the sun.

This holiday had been a fabulous idea and for once, Jack had thought it out, all on his own. A deserted seaside locale, with a warm sandy beach that lent an almost Mediterranean atmosphere to the place. The light house and attached cottage was a feast for the senses. Open fire places, shiny aluminum kitchen, and an enormous fluffy double bed in the master bedroom.

The smell of the sea air was invigorating, but it was no match for the soothing influence of the morning sun. Daniel spread his arms out across the white wall and felt the heat bleed into his body from the warming bricks. He knew that if he was anymore relaxed and content, he'd be unconscious. It was still early and the sun was tracking its way up into the azure blue sky, about as lethargically as it could without actually standing still. Daniel liked that; it matched his sated mood.

Last night he and Jack had made love. Long, leisurely, fulfilling lovemaking that left them exhausted but deeply satisfied. With the balcony doors flung wide and the moonlight silhouetting him, Jack had seemed almost luminescent when he'd hovered above Daniel in the darkness. As he'd lovingly mapped Daniel's body, the light continued to play about him, illuminating the soft sheen of perspiration that covered his skin. Moving in unison, they had allowed the sea to set the rhythm of their lovemaking, their rocking matching the ebb and flow of the waves rolling onto the beach.

The sun crept up another notch in the sky on its lazy journey, and Daniel turned his head a little more to track its movement, not wanting to lose its warmth for even a second. Now the bright rays had infiltrated his top and he flexed his chest muscles a little so he could feel the warmed cotton moving on his skin. Already his exposed flesh was pinking up along his bare arms. Earlier he'd been wearing a white linen shirt but had forsaken it to stand in the sun in his undershirt. Maybe he'd lose that too... When Jack would be awake to see him, to cast his eyes appreciatively up and down his body, to make him feel that delightful tingling in the pit of his stomach. Seemed he was always dressing for Jack's pleasure these days.

After years of wearing boring plaid and flannel, he'd come to understand the value of dressing for sex appeal. To appreciate the sensuality in a crisp, cotton shirt; its cool light touch bringing goose flesh to the surface of his skin. Silk was good too, and nothing was better than the feeling of Jack sliding his hands along the sleek fabric, as he relieved Daniel of his clothing, in the rush to get to his cosseted skin.

Jack's interest in the concealed was Daniel's secret weapon. Once, Daniel had come to their bed, wearing only a black bandana on his head. Jack had been obsessed with getting it off him despite the fact that he was totally naked. He wheedled and cajoled until Daniel relented and Jack got his way. Jack removed the bandana with great ceremony, caressing the fine strands of Daniel's hair like they were pure gold, as if it was something he had never seen or had the pleasure of before. He'd spent long hours fondling his hair and massaging his scalp, a joy Daniel would never forget. Lesson learned.

A lone seagull squawked above his head and Daniel momentarily opened his eyes as he was roused from his pleasant reverie. The day was brilliant and he had to shade his eyes to see the complaining gull.

It hovered over the sand at the water's margin, before diving into the surf. There was a wisp of a wind blowing, and Daniel could see the sand swirling around in little eddies on the beach. As the breeze passed over his chest, he closed his eyes and sank his thumbs into the pockets of his jeans. With a little added pressure, the jeans slipped down a notch, exposing the line of his pubic hair to the warmth of the day. As the cool air danced across the newly exposed skin, it caressed and tickled him. A sudden rush of sensation went straight to his groin and Daniel knew his full blown arousal would only be a matter of time.

God, would Jack ever wake up? He never slept in and Daniel had plans for him this morning. Long, well thought out plans for an indulgent day. Jacks absence was starting to bother him and Daniel was having to work at not getting angry. Not the done thing on a romantic get away, one would think. Suddenly a long shadow fell over Daniel's face and he opened his eyes with a start.

"Morning," Jack said softly as he moved in, placing a hand either side of Daniel's head on the hot bricks. He crowded Daniel against the wall, his face hovering inches from that of his lover. Jack's body was blocking the sun and Daniel couldn't help but notice that it was framing him in the same way as the moonlight had done the previous night.

"Missed you, where'd ya go?" Jack said as he nuzzled Daniel's cheek before pulling back again.

"You were sleeping, didn't want to disturb you," Daniel replied gently as he looked long into the deep brown of Jack's eyes, suddenly ashamed at his silent petulance.

"Missed you," Jack repeated breathlessly, as he started to nibble around the margins of Daniel's lips never quite touching them. The little nibbles were soon replaced by furtive feather light kisses, and before long Daniel was responding to Jack, to the rasp of his morning whiskers and the sweet, bed warmed smell of him. What Daniel wanted was for Jack to stop teasing him, and he shifted restlessly, in a bid to make Jack capitulate so he could feel the press of those lips against his own. Jack chose to continue his little game, tormenting Daniel with each kiss that didn't land on his lover's willing lips.

Jack laced his fingers into Daniel's hair, turned his face slightly to one side and abruptly halted Daniel's maneuvering. He watched as the younger man licked his lips, staring intently at him, his eyes begging him to continue.

"Got something to tell me this morning, Danny boy?" Daniel knew damn well what Jack wanted to hear.

"Jesus, I love you, you bastard. Now stop playing games and kiss me, will you?!"

Jack smiled. It was the same god awful smile that got them into trouble in all sorts of off world situations. The same smile that could break Daniel in two, and in fact frequently did. Jack tilted his head and opened his lips slightly, before gently pressing down on Daniel's. His tongue slipped easily into Daniel's inviting mouth and their tongues curled around each other lazily - not dominating, but complimenting. With a masterful touch, Jack's tongue reached the parts of Daniel's mouth that craved attention most, and when a soft moan finally escaped his lover, Jack smiled again.

Daniel brought his arms up Jack's back pulled him into himself, forcing his groin into direct contact with Jack's cock.

"Nah ah, Danny boy, breakfast first. Don't want you wearing yourself out just yet," Jack said as he pushed back from Daniel, taking his hand instead.

"I have plans for you, but sustenance first," Jack said as he led him around the corner.

Daniel shrugged his shoulders and allowed Jack to drag him towards the cottage. He was happy to do whatever Jack wanted; how could he resist? Especially when they still had one more day. One more day to make enough memories to last a life time.

The End