You Can't Pick Your Neighbors

By Debs

Rating: 18

Notes: This is so NOT a flashfic. This IS however for the February challenge but I didn't stick to the rules - my bad. The word count on this puppy is freaking enormous!

Thanks: To the lovely Saladscream for helping me get back in the saddle after 12 months plus in the writing wilderness. Thank you lovey, for the generous donation of your time, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Also thanks to Pepe and Saladscream for the amazing images that set this little bit of nonsense into motion.

Word Count: 4131 (told ya!)

"Hey, that was quick," Daniel called out when he heard the door to his hotel room click shut. "Did you forget something?"

When he got no response, the easy smile that had been gracing his face swiftly disappeared. He stood silently, ear cocked to the vacant room listening for more noises. Then he heard what sounded like paper rustling. His jaw dropped open and he let his toothbrush fall into the basin. Suddenly immobile, he stared intently into the vanity mirror, his view to the bedroom beyond clearly visible through the reflection.

"Is that you? Stop playing around, okay?"

Daniel turned to the open doorway, his arms around his waist in a kind of self-protecting hug. He heard the faint shuffle of feet on the worn carpet and stood stock still, not sure what to do for the best.

"Who's there?"

No reply.

"Look, the only cash I have is on the nightstand. Take it and leave me alone." Daniel was cagey. He'd been robbed in this fleabag hotel once before and he really couldn't afford to have it happen again. Money was tight right now. Shit. He was really going to have words about locking that door because he was sick to death of losing his personal possessions.

"Take it easy, kid, I'm not gunna rob you."

"Fuck," Daniel cursed softly under his breath as his reflexes finally kicked in and he took a couple of steps back from the doorway. He was now certain he would be robbed - or worse. When he bumped the wash basin with his butt, he knew he couldn't move any further into the bathroom. It was time to stand and be counted. He pulled himself up to his full height and waited for the owner of the mystery voice to show himself.

He didn't have to wait long.

A man with short cropped, grey hair came slowly into view. He had a lopsided grin and was holding his hands up, palms open, to show that he wasn't carrying any weapons. Daniel looked him over. He appeared to be in his middle fifties with an easy manner, but by the way he was dressed, he was clearly a sleazeball of some sort. Not what he would have expected in a room thief. Maybe he was a crack head? Or a dealer? One thing was for certain, the black lace shirt he had on made him look like a hooker. Under different circumstances, Daniel thought he may have been predisposed to giggle, but he had a feeling that this man was dangerous. Something in that steely gaze gave him cause for concern. The man may be smiling but his eyes were telling an entirely different story. "What the fuck do you think you're doing in my room?" Daniel was nowhere near as confident as he sounded. This guy looked like he could beat the crap out of him in under a minute.

"Hey listen, keep your hair on. I'm just here to discuss a little business, no biggie."

"What fucking business would I have with you?" Daniel kept up his aggressive attack, all the while assessing whether or not he could slam the bathroom door shut in the intruder's face and get away from him if need be. His hands were perspiring and he had the urge to wipe them on his pants, but he knew better than that. His nervous habit could get him killed in a situation like this. He needed to look as tough as he was trying to sound.

"Oh we have plenty to discuss, you'd be surprised. Care to join me?" the man said as he slowly ambled back into the bedroom. "I see the senator got away on time this morning. I know he's been a little late getting to work a few days this month. Couldn't drag himself away from you, I'm guessing. It's a pity the two of you feel the need to meet up in this dive, it's rather unsavory. Oh and did I mention unsanitary?"

Daniel felt the color drain from his face as he followed the man out into the main room. By the time he caught up with him, the silver haired intruder had already flopped down in the only armchair; it was grimy and threadbare and was the perfect place for this scumbag to seat himself, Daniel thought. There was a smugness about him that he found completely abhorrent.

"Hey, don't look so worried, Daniel, I just want to talk. My name is Jack O'Neill; that's O'Neill with two ls."

"I don't give a shit what your name is or how many ls are in it. Just tell me what you want with me."

"I'd like to offer you a job."

"What?" Daniel said incredulously as he dropped himself down on the bed opposite his unwelcome visitor.

"This is a funny way to search for prospective employees, don't you think? I already have a job, actually, and it suits me just fine, so get out."

"I know you have job and I'm pleased to hear that, because you'll need to keep it to pay the rent. You see, you're going to work for me for nothing."

"Firstly, why would I do anything for you? And secondly why would I work for you for no pay?"

"Well Danny boy… you don't mind if I call you 'Danny', do you? I know the senator is so fond of calling you that. 'Daniel' seems so formal between friends and we will be friends, I can assure you. I am a film maker and you are going to star in a movie for me."

Jack shifted and canted his hips slightly so he could thrust his hand into the pocket of his jeans. He retrieved a very battered-looking card which he handed to the younger man. Daniel took it and held it away from his face so it could read it. The card announced that Jack O'Neill was indeed a director of movies - adult movies. Then, scrawled in pencil underneath in an uneven hand, were the following words: Specializing in peep films for the discerning aficionado. Daniel let the tattered card fall to the floor.

"You want me to do a porno flick?" Daniel burst out laughing. "You've got to be kidding me, right?" He laughed so hard he managed an undignified snort before pulling himself up short. He didn't like it when he snorted; it was another nervous habit he couldn't seem to shake. O'Neill wasn't laughing or snorting for that matter - in fact, he wasn't even smiling anymore.

"You know I'm an archaeologist, right? A nerd? A dweeb? I wear jackets with leather patches on the arms and plaid shirts. I'm sure it says somewhere that porno stars don't wear plaid."

"Bravo," Jack said, applauding. His mouth was open, but he was baring his teeth more than actually grinning. "Steve Martin, right? It's a good thing that you like movies, Danny boy."

"Look, I didn't agree to anything and stop calling me Danny boy."

"Before you say something you'll regret, how about I fill in a few of the missing pieces of this puzzle for you?"

Jack's mirthless smile was replaced with something altogether more menacing. The hairs on the back of Daniel's neck stood up as he fell silent and waited for the boom to be lowered.

"You may or may not have noticed that I have been occupying the room next to yours for the last couple of weeks, and I must say it's been a very entertaining couple of weeks at that."

"You what? Shit!" Daniel shot to his feet, finally putting two and two together. His gaze swept the room but he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. "Where? Where the fuck is it, you slimy bastard?"

"Where's what? Oh, the camera? That's the good part; I have two, actually. Talk about stunning positions, and the sound quality has been incredible. I never thought you'd be such a screamer, Daniel. It made for some great cinema."

For the second time that day, Daniel felt the color leave his cheeks. His sole thought at the moment was protecting his lover's reputation; he was not openly homosexual for obvious reasons and Daniel knew this would ruin his career if it got out.

Jack rose to his feet and slowly sauntered over to the wall directly opposite the foot of the bed. He leaned into the faded and grimy rose colored wallpaper, and pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, brushed at the wall like he was shining a camera lens.

Daniel's mouth dropped open.

"Pretty good, hey? These old hotels are such a godsend to people in my profession. I tell you what, here's a thought; why don't you slap on a pair of pants and come on over to my room to check out the footage I have from your last session? I know it hasn't been properly edited or anything just yet, but I don't think you'll be too disappointed. Last night and this morning was amazing, by the way. You're a natural, my boy."

With that, O'Neill sauntered towards the door and left. Daniel heard the door to the room beside his open and then click shut.


What to do now? Did he follow him in there and land himself in the middle of god knows what, or did he simply lock his door and call the police? No. No police, he had to think of his relationship.

Daniel walked over to the spot where Jack O'Neill had been supposedly admiring the camera placement and bent in to look. Nothing was visible at first, until he squinted hard and moved in closer. Then he saw it. The tiniest pinprick in the centre of a faded, yellow rose.


On the other side of the wall, O'Neill smiled to himself as the young man's bespectacled face loomed large on his monitor screen. Like taking candy from a baby. It was just too easy some days. Still, he couldn't believe his luck, snagging a senator in a place like this. He was about to be set up for life. This little arrangement was going to see him right for many years to come. He would screw as much money and as many 'favors' as he could out of the senator, and he would use the kid for his own pleasure wherever and whenever he felt like it. He had plans to fuck him until his ass bled and then some. Oh yeah, this was going to be some sweet 'arrangement'. Right on cue, the door swung open and Daniel appeared.

"Well, if it isn't the screamer. Come on in and take a load off."

Daniel couldn't believe the arrogance of this man. He felt so sure of himself and of Daniel's responses that he had kept his back to the door. Daniel could have walked in and slipped a knife between Jack's ribs, no problem. Realizing he had been out maneuvered by a pro, Daniel decided not to fight it. He perched himself on the foot of the bed, directly in front of the small black and white monitor, and waited. The room was dark and oppressive and the heat was really starting to build up behind the drawn drapes.

"Can't we have the window open? It's stifling in here."

Jack turned and looked over at his young visitor. There was a line of sweat starting to trickle down the outside of his face. Hot, my ass; he had the kid right were he wanted him.

"Sorry, no can do, Danny boy. The picture quality is not so good on that little monitor. Besides, you wouldn't want someone looking in here, now would you? You wouldn't want some poor workaday schmuck to see you two pounding each other into next week. That wouldn't go so well with their morning Wheaties, now would it?"

Jack laughed loudly at his mediocre wit as he settled himself into a carbon copy armchair of the one in Daniel's room. After juggling several remote controls, the monitor sprang into life.

As the image resolved itself, Daniel recognized the scene. It was the room next door and there they were, making love. Not your sappy type of love, either. It was a hot and heavy fuck - just the way he liked it. He was bent over the armchair, naked as the day he was born, butt waving in the air as his lover was pounding him fast and furiously. The sensitive tip of his very rigid cock was grazing the worn fabric on the arm of the chair with every enthusiastic thrust his partner delivered. Daniel was enjoying it so much he was screaming up a storm, and he blushed as he listened to the stream of profanities tumbling from his mouth in an urgent, garbled rush.

"Oh fuck! Yeah, fuck me. Jesus fuck, oh yeah, oh god, oh fuck."

His partner's face was clearly visible to the camera, although he remained quiet throughout their lovemaking. But that's the way he was. In control and controlling; he could have a massive orgasm and not even utter so much as a grunt. Yet he could make Daniel do and be anything he wanted him to be. Daniel was in awe of that control, and right about now, was wishing he had shown some of the same restraint and had kept quiet.

"Pretty hot, wouldn't you say?" Jack was smug. "The second camera was so close that you can actually see his cock sliding in and out of your tight little ass, my friend."

Daniel's face reddened a deep scarlet as he looked over at the sleazy man. Jack had his legs spread wide and his hand was rubbing over the denim where his dick lay trapped underneath.

'Oh crap, he's getting off to this, the bastard,' Daniel thought as his eyes left Jack's crotch and wandered up his body to eventually meet his gaze. The older man slowly and deliberately licked his lips and bared his teeth in an ugly lust-fuelled grimace. Daniel shuddered.

"I have big plans for you, my friend. You have great screen appeal for the adult film industry. You and I are going to make a fortune."

"That's it? That's all I have to do? Make films?" Daniel couldn't believe it. Was this man so stupid that he would give up the opportunity to control a public figure?

"Well, that's all YOU have to do for the moment. Your delightful and very influential fuck buddy is a different matter." Daniel's heart sank.

"I'm going to keep all of this footage from the last month safe and sound, and if either of you lovebirds steps out of line, I'll have it on the shelves of the nearest porn shop before you can say 'Well, fuck me.' Am I making myself clear?"

Daniel nodded.

"Now first things first; get yourself over here and blow me. When you've finished I want to sample the delights of that ass of yours."

Daniel blanched. This was all so surreal. Just a few scant hours earlier he had been spooned around his lover enjoying the afterglow of a little morning romp and now he was about to give a blow job to the architect of this torment. But Daniel knew what he had to do; he had to protect his partner. Had to keep his reputation intact as long as possible, and if that meant letting this bastard fuck him and display him like cattle in the market place, then so be it.

Daniel rose slowly from the edge of the bed and came to stand in front of the armchair. O'Neil was already enthusiastically rubbing his dick with one hand and twisting one of his own nipples with the other. With a sigh, Daniel started to bend down when Jack stopped him.

"No, not like that. Get your clothes off. Lose the wife beater, the pants and anything else you have down there," he said, waving dismissively in the direction of his crotch.

With a resigned sigh, Daniel stepped back from the chair and removed his trousers. When he pulled his vest up and over his head, it dragged his glasses from his face and they clattered onto a small TV table before eventually ending up on the semen-stained carpet by his feet.

"Pick those up and put them back on. I want you to see me."

Daniel retrieved his glasses and put them back on. Finally naked except for the said glasses, he returned to stand in front of Jack's armchair. Jack was prepared, having already opened his fly and released his angry-looking cock that now stood proud. It looked decidedly red and swollen, a small drop of pre-come glistening at the tip.

Daniel dropped slowly to the carpet and, placing his hands on Jack's knees, inched himself forward. The heat coming off Jack's cock was palpable and the scent of arousal was unmistakable. When Daniel, slightly repulsed, showed some hesitation, Jack grabbed the back of his head and forced him forward. The older man's swollen dick grazed his closed mouth, smearing pre-come onto Daniel's lower lip. Daniel grunted and tried to pull back, but Jack sneered as he held his head tightly.

"Lick it off."

Daniel looked up at Jack defiantly. Jack responded by grabbing a good handful of Daniel's hair and tugging his head back and forward.

"I said lick it off."

Daniel opened his mouth a fraction. As his tongue slipped out his eyes slid shut and he was rewarded by Jack tugging at his hair yet again.

"No you don't. Look at me when you lick it off. And you better look like you're enjoying it, too."

Daniel looked into Jack's unrelenting glare. He opened his mouth wider and swept his tongue over his lower lip.

"And just so there's no mistakes; I expect you swallow my entire load. If you fucking don't, you know what'll happen."

Jack pushed Daniel's head down into his crotch as he thrust forward, showing the younger man just who was in charge of whom. His coarse pubic hair rubbed at Daniel's face like sandpaper; the mortified archeologist could feel the blood thundering in his ears as he opened his mouth and took in Jack's cock. It was extremely thick and rigid and as Daniel tried to get his tongue in the right place, he could feel the angry raised vein that ran along the underside.

In the background, Daniel could make out the sound of flesh slapping flesh as the video footage continued to roll. When he closed his eyes, he could still see the scene almost as if it were being projected onto the back of his eyelids. There he was, bent over the chair, his lover's cock sliding in and out of him, his heavy, pendulous balls slapping his butt with every thrust.

"Oh fuck! Yeah, fuck me. Jesus fuck, oh yeah, oh god, oh fuck."

Daniel wrapped his lips around Jack's shaft and then pulled back. He used the first withdrawal to gauge whether or not he could manage the man's length. When it became apparent that he could, he pushed forward again and used the second swallow to take Jack's engorged penis all the way to the back of his throat.

'God, this is so fucking hot,' Jack thought as he clamped his teeth shut to stifle the moan that was threatening to escape him. The soundtrack of Daniel screaming out his orgasm was just about the hottest thing he had ever heard. And it was as if Daniel was some sort of ventriloquist. Here he was with his mouth well and truly full, and he was still shouting out and moaning like a whore.

"Jesus, harder, harder, oh fuck yeah…"

Daniel pulled back again and stole a glance at Jack. The older man was so turned on Daniel wondered whether or not he would last beyond the third suck. He pulled back as far as he dared and used his tongue to lap around the head of his cock. But last he did; it seemed that Daniel had underestimated him and he had more control then was first evident.

"Jesus fuck, Jesus, oh god, oh fuck."

Daniel set up a rhythm and settled down to the task at hand. The sound of his own lovemaking was still echoing away in the steamy, darkened room, and he started to feel like he was being mocked by it. He tried to close his mind to it, knowing full well that Jack was getting off on it. Just when he thought this was never going to end, Jack grabbed his head fiercely with both hands and started thrusting wildly. Daniel could do little else but allow his mouth to slacken slightly and leave Jack to grind out his orgasm.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…."

When Jack came, it was explosive. His body stiffened and he thrust forward, then stopped, almost hovering in mid air. Daniel's mouth filled with the hot, salty fluid, and mindful of the earlier threat, he drank down every single drop. When his dick finally stopped pulsing, Jack fell back into the armchair, yanking his cock from Daniel's mouth as he went. He released his hold on Daniel's hair, and the younger man fell back onto his heels.

Daniel heard the equipment behind him stop. It vaguely reminded him of an old reel to reel tape deck shutting down. Not that he knew that from first-hand experience but he'd seen it in the movies. Now there's an irony, for you. When he looked up at Jack, he was pumping his spent cock in an attempt to squeeze out the last of his orgasm. It was almost as if he believed he could do it all again right this minute if only he persevered and kept going. Eventually though, he gave up and allowed his body to go limp in the chair.

Daniel wanted to sit down, but he didn't want to put his butt on the mystery stains on the ragged carpet, so he got up off his haunches and headed for the bed. Jack followed his movements, but was too sated to tell him he hadn't given him permission to move. He was however delighted when the young man flopped down on the bed, flat on his back, head nestled on a pillow.

Jack summoned all his strength and rose to his feet. From the bed, Daniel watched as he stripped off his clothes and came to lie beside him. Throwing his arms over his head, Jack grabbed the headboard and stretched languidly.

"Well, that was amazing."

"I've never seen you so hyped, Jack. I thought you were going to choke me, or at the very least have a brain melt down," Daniel said as he rolled in towards the older man and nestled into his armpit, wrapping an arm around his chest. "That was one hell of a scene you devised there," he added.

"Oh yeah, I worked on it for ever," Jack said as he turned his head slightly and kissed his lovers forehead. He was clearly very pleased with himself. "But you were no slouch either. You threw in some nice little surprises. What was your favorite bit?"

Daniel tilted his head up and looked into his lover's eyes.

"Without a doubt, watching that film of you fucking me blind in the other room. Jesus, Jack, you really could have been a porn star, you know."

"Natural talent and ability, Danny boy," Jack said smugly. Daniel was sure he saw his lover's chest jutting out just a little.

"Not to mention modest and unassuming…"

"Can we play this game again?" Jack asked coyly, "I think this has been my favorite, so far."

"You just get off on telling me what to do. You must miss it."

"Come on, Danny. Don't tell me you didn't like taking orders from me."

"Well actually, Jack…"

"Save it, I don't believe you."

"Seriously, let's put our heads together so we can think of something new. Take this thing to a whole new level," Daniel said hopefully.

"Putting our heads together is what got us into this in the first place," Jack smirked.

"Oh, very funny. How long have you been working on that joke? Well you have a whole month to think of something. I can hardly wait to hear what you come up with for my next visit to Washington."

"Sounds good to me," Jack smirked.

"There's just one thing I need to ask you, Jack," Daniel said, the tone of his voice suddenly turning serious.

Jack responded with an equally serious demeanor.

"What? Anything. Just ask."

"Where the fuck did you get that shirt?"