An Itch to Scratch

By Debs


RATING: NC-17 (18 )

PAIRING: Jack and Daniel

WARNINGS: GRAPHIC Male/Male sex. Masturbation, voyeurism, POV.

SUMMARY: What happens when Daniel gets home three days early from a mission to discover Jack isn’t there? Jack’s got a decision to make but which way will he go?

SEASON: 8 or later


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is set anytime after Jack became a General. It’s my first attempt at slash, so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Nicci and Skatergater for inspiring this story when they posted the link to a website that got my muse all fired up. Details of the website can be found at the end of the story (I couldn’t spoil it for you now could I?) Many thanks to Pepe for the wonderful beta job and for turning me on to just how wonderful good slash can really be :)


Jack sat on the edge of the exposed roof beams, his feet resting on top of the insulation slotted in the gaps between. Rubbing the back of his wrist against his butt, he cleared the dust from his watch face and checked the time. No wonder he was tired. He had been at this labor of love for most of the day. Leaning forward, he scrubbed his hands through his hair, sending dirt cascading to the ground between his feet.

Earlier in the day he had been wearing a shirt, but as it had gotten increasingly hotter, he had shed it in favor of the bare chest look he was currently sporting. Although it had helped cool him down, he was regretting it now as he took stock of his matted, dirty chest hair. God he needed a shower.

The truth be told, he was exhausted and the air in the roof space was dry and stale - increasing his fatigue. Licking his lips, he reached for the bottle of water that was sitting next to his tool box. Jack twisted the lid off the bottle and gulped the water down in a bid to slake his thirst and wash away some of the grime that had been steadily collecting in his mouth.

He turned his attention to the air conditioner ducting that had taken up his time for most of the morning, and shook his head in disbelief. All this hard work for one reason and one reason only - Daniel.

Daniel had complained about the heat all last summer and now as the warmer weather was returning, so was the rumble of protest from the left hand side of the bed. Although the house had been fitted with ducted air conditioning years before, Jack had made a conscious decision not to have an outlet in his bedroom. Despite the salesman’s assertions, he hadn’t been convinced about the whole ‘whisper quite’ thing and Jack on no sleep was not a fun guy.

The arrangement had suited Jack just fine, until Daniel had started to become a fixture in his life. Daniel didn’t like the heat, period. Surprising really, for a guy who had spent so much time in one desert or another. Jack knew he should have acted on the air conditioning earlier than this but he just loved to see a sweaty Daniel lying in his bed; it gave him that just fucked appearance that was so goddamn hot and totally irresistible.

Daniel’s patience, however, was fast running out, and he was insisting on them going to his place more and more often. It was an arrangement Jack didn’t really like. He hated to admit it, but he felt like he got less attention when they were at Daniel’s place. Daniel’s work littered the apartment and he spent long hours pouring over translations instead of seeing to Jack’s needs. Selfish? Definitely, but Jack knew what he wanted, so here he was, on one of the hottest days so far, trapped in his roof, rerouting the air conditioning into the master bedroom.

Despite the heavy workload Jack was quite pleased with himself. Daniel was off world and not expected back for at least three more days. Plenty of time to make the changes, clear up the mess and prepare for the grateful Daniel to return. Jack being Jack, he was also counting on some hot sex from the eternally grateful Daniel. Ah yes, he could see it all now.

Jack passed the back of his hand across his forehead, swiping away the perspiration that threatened to drip into his eyes. Time was flying by and he needed to have a bit more done today before he could call it quits. With a resolute sigh he hauled his butt up from the rafter and got back to work.

First order of business was to get the dry wall saw so he could open the ceiling and put the new vent into position. Casting his eyes about the dimly lit space, he picked up the outline of the saw resting by the opening he had made in the roof, a good twenty feet away from his present position.

"Of course," he muttered ironically as he carefully picked his way across the wooden rafters. It was a difficult manoeuvre for a man of Jack’s height, and he knew he was in trouble when he landed awkwardly on the last beam, his knee twisting viciously beneath him. Jack fell to his knees with a thud, landing on the insulation between two beams and hitting the deck with the full force of his body weight.

"Ah crap, sonovabitch!"

Kneeling there, he had just enough time to contemplate the damage to the ceiling beneath him when he heard the first of several loud cracking noises. He froze, not daring to breathe, certain at any moment he would go crashing through to the room below.

When it was apparent that he was not taking the shortcut downstairs anytime soon, Jack made a cautious move toward the rafter to his left. With painstaking precision he hefted his body weight onto the wooden support. Desperate to see what damage he had done, he lifted the packed insulation out and inspected the roof. Light was filtering in through a hole in the ceiling the size of his index finger.

Jack suspected the ceiling was a whole lot more brittle than it looked. It seemed a certainty that more of the damaged plaster would fall out, so he decided to have a closer look. Working carefully, he poked his index finger into the hole and felt his way around the soft edges. Before he knew what was happening, Jack had pushed his finger in past the knuckle and was trapped. He tugged at his hand but it was held tight and the trapped finger was swelling fast. Like a Chinese finger puzzle, the harder he tugged, the tighter the ceiling gripped him. Could this get any worse? So much for surprises; he was systematically destroying himself and his house.

What was needed now was something to prise his hand free. Scanning the dimly lit space he saw a screwdriver lying on the insulation close by. It was a long shot but he thought he just might be able to snag it. He stretched his arm to its full length and felt his finger graze the tip of the screw driver. Encouraged, he gave it a little more effort, pushing himself to the full limit of his reach. He heard the second crack as he was shot forward, his head narrowly missing a beam as the ceiling released its hold on him.

Jack’s pride was wounded, but otherwise he felt fine, so he crawled over to the closest rafter and sat down. That was when he realised he had brought a souvenir of his little fiasco with him. A chunk of plaster, roughly the size of a baseball was wrapped firmly around his index finger.

"You have got to be shitting me!"

Jack prised the plaster off his finger and dropped it, rubbing his hands together to remove the dust. He knelt back down beside the hole in the ceiling and found himself peering into the modest office that was next to the master bedroom. This room was Daniel’s bolt-hole when he stayed over and he used it as a refuge when he needed to get some work done. Jack could clearly see the large desk with Daniel’s laptop on it and he knew if he had fallen through the roof he would have landed squarely on the desk. Apart from the fact he could have broken his back, he felt confident that Daniel would have killed him for taking out his computer.

Jack rocked back onto his heels taking the weight off his knees and took stock of the situation. It really could have been worse, but a hole that size would need a serious repair job and he still wasn’t certain how stable the ceiling was. Applying as much pressure as he dared, he gently pressed around the margins of the hole. It was a little spongy, but rebounded against his touch and gave him cause to hope that it might not look too bad from the other side. Brushing his hand across the opening, a small cloud of debris cascaded through to the room below. Jack peered through the hole and could see the tiny dust motes dancing in the afternoon sunlight. As he contemplated his luck, he was shaken from his reverie by the sound of a key turning in the front door.

"Jack, I’m back."

The door opened then snapped shut quickly, followed by the sound of Daniel’s keys sliding into the ceramic bowl Jack kept by the front door. The sound of the younger man’s footsteps echoed down the hall as he made his way further into the house.

"Jaaaack, the mission was scrubbed. Hello? Jack, you home?"

Instinctively, Jack hunkered down, even though he knew Daniel couldn’t see him. What the hell he had to feel guilty about was totally beyond him and yet he was crouching in the darkness, his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Jack worked through all the conflicting emotions going through his head. If Daniel thought Jack wasn’t home he might go back out again. That would leave Jack time to finish up without his surprise being spoilt. But what about the goddamn hole in the ceiling? You could drive a truck through it! Jack was thinking on his feet now. What were the chances that Daniel would come into this particular room and then look up at the ceiling? As far as Jack knew, the only ceiling in the house that Daniel ever looked at was the one in his bedroom. He grinned to himself as he calculated the odds. Things were fairly firmly on his side. He might just get away with this. His decision made, he settled in for the long haul.

The shuffle of shoes across tiles, and the quiet shushing as the fridge door opened, alerted him to the fact that Daniel was now in the kitchen. The muted sound of carbonated bubbles being released, and then the inevitable clinking of ice cubes in a glass told Jack that Daniel wasn’t in any hurry to go back outside. He let out a snuff of air then took a cleansing breath to quell his disappointment.

It was hot in the cramped roof space and Jack felt like a fucking idiot. The thought of a cold beer assailed him, and the idea of sharing it with Daniel in the cool of the living room sounded much better to him than crouching up here in the dark.

At this point, he knew he could probably come out and get away with pretending that he been in the yard and hadn’t heard Daniel come home. His surprise would be spoilt, but hey, they were guys, so he would probably still get laid sooner or later anyway. Jack let his head fall forward and he closed his eyes as he reconsidered his decision. Before he could do anything else, a noise directly below quickly diverted his attention.

Jack opened his eyes and looked through the hole in the ceiling to see Daniel standing directly below him, drink in hand. Jack started then drew back a fraction, but when he realised Daniel wasn’t looking up, he moved forward again. He watched as Daniel dragged a coaster along the desk, placed his drink down on it then picked up the phone. Seconds passed while Daniel listened to the ringing phone before the other party answered it.

"Hey, Sam... no I’m at his place now and he isn’t here. I thought we might have crossed paths...yeah, maybe you’re right. He probably took the opportunity to go to the cabin. I’ll try his cell. Enjoy the down time."

‘Shit,’ Jack thought as he started furiously patting the pockets of his jeans searching for his cell phone. Suddenly he heard the sound of his phone ringing from the bedroom below. Peering through the hole, he watched as Daniel put the receiver down on the desk and left the room, returning a few seconds later holding Jack’s cell in his hand. Shaking his head he turned the ringing phone off.

"Very careless, General."

Jack slapped his head then rubbed his face in frustration. The little bastard was actually making that ‘tsk tsk’ sound that he hated so much. He watched as Daniel replaced the receiver and then left the room again.

Jack heard the sound of a drawer opening in the bedroom and a few minutes later Daniel returned wearing a comfortable pair of sweats and one of Jack’s old khaki t-shirts. Jack recognised it as one of his shirts because it was stretched out in a bunch of places and the neck line was completely distorted. Daniel loved to slope about the house in Jack’s worn out tees, even though Jack knew Daniel would never venture out in public in a shirt that far gone.

The afternoon sun was streaming through the office window now and Daniel tugged at the neck of the t-shirt as the temperature started to soar. When Daniel picked up his drink and noted that the ice had all but melted, he frowned, and Jack knew instantly that he was going to turn on the air conditioner.

Jack looked back at the mass of conduit and piping behind him and saw the junction box lying open and exposed. Jack was fairly confident that in its current state, no cool air was going to make it into the office. However he was concerned that Daniel might start scratching around trying to work out what was wrong with it, and he would be discovered. Jack had to do something, and fast.

With a jolt and a rumble, the air conditioner hummed into life and the fan coil unit started up. Cool air started to flood the roof space giving Jack the opportunity to enjoy it as it washed over his bare chest. He leant forward, placing his face right in front of the opening, the perspiration drying on contact as the cold air rushed towards him. At least one of them would be cool.

A tapping noise caught his attention and he looked down to see Daniel standing in front of the vent, tapping the louvre impatiently. Obviously the office wasn’t getting any cooler. Jack guessed that at least some of the cool air must be making it into the house below but he was certain the effect would be greatly diminished. Daniel was not a happy camper. He took the remote control and hammered away at a few buttons before hurling it in disgust onto the overstuffed armchair in the corner.

Working as quietly as he could, Jack stuffed a large piece of insulation batting across the opening of the junction box, effectively rerouting some of the air flow back downstairs.

As more air rolled out of the vent, Daniel’s hair fluttered in the light breeze, making the wet strands of hair on his forehead stick up in small peaks. He picked the remote back up from the chair and turned it over in his hands, inspecting it closely.

"Odd," Daniel commented to no one in particular. Gadgets were Sam’s domain not his, and as long as this one was working now he didn’t really care why. He gave the remote one last look before finally consigning it to the chair.

Appeased, Daniel went back to the desk and rolled out the chair and sat down. Reaching for his drink, he took a long swallow before setting it down again and turning his laptop on. He downloaded his mail before surfing some fairly boring looking museum sites. Jack sighed as he watched his archaeologist through what had now become his very own private peephole, wondering yet again why he was hiding.

That’s when Jack saw it.

A casual and insignificant movement that was about to prove to be anything but casual and insignificant. Daniel had very deliberately taken a swipe at his dick through the fabric of sweats. His left leg moved almost imperceptibly inward, and he used it to nudge his balls, wriggling a little on the seat to reposition himself.

Jack smiled as he recognised the sign that this was not a man scratching an itch, but a man with an itch to scratch. This could get interesting, he thought, as a knowing smile crossed his face and he moved closer to the hole.

The web pages started to come and go in rapid succession until finally Jack saw something that made him sit up and take notice. A porn site. Not just any porn site either, this one had lots of chiselled hunks with rock hard butts and enormous cocks gracing the pages.

As the images flashed by, Daniel began rubbing his dick with his free hand and the wiggling of his butt on the chair told Jack that he was more than a little aroused. While Jack watched, Daniel pushed his sweats down and released the tension on his burgeoning bulge. His hand shot inside and he happily massaged his dick through the fabric of his underpants, rubbing the seam along the underside of his cock, completely unaware he was being observed from above.

Jack watched the laptop screen as more web pages came and went, but he was more interested in Daniel’s preoccupation with his own dick. It was a revelation to Jack that Daniel might actually enjoy porn sites. Not that he wasn’t up for new experiences, but Jack had this image of Daniel and it didn’t include him searching out porn on the internet. He wondered idly whether or not Daniel was searching for a particular page to get his rocks off to, maybe a favorite site. Knowing Daniel, it would probably involve some ‘naughty’ scrolls or something. Jack snorted; the thought of Daniel jacking off to ancient porn really tickled his funny bone.

Daniel’s left hand was now fully engaged with the task of gently rubbing his dick through his underpants. His breathing was becoming audible, as his hand slipped inside his pants and he pulled his cock out. Using his other hand, he grasped the bottom of the over stretched t-shirt he was wearing, tugged it down and wrapped it around his dick. Daniel moaned as he encased himself in the softness of the material and started to cautiously stroke himself.

Jack’s mood darkened a little. Much to his surprise, he suddenly felt very guilty about watching Daniel. It was one thing for the two of them to include masturbation in their love play but it was another thing entirely for one guy to spy on another guy during this most intimate of moments. Would Daniel be pissed if he found him out? Probably, which as far as Jack could see made spying on him completely wrong. Yet for all the guilt he felt, he couldn’t bring himself to look away.

Daniel went back to surfing the web, continuing to gently pleasure himself with Jack’s shirt. There was no urgency in his stroking; in fact, the internet appeared to be commanding more of his attention at the moment. Suddenly, Daniel released his dick in favor of the computer’s mouse as he stopped at the latest website.

"Hello…" Jack murmured.

The website Daniel had stopped at had a banner that caught Jack’s attention. "ADVANCED MALE MASTURBATION TECHNIQUES," the title proclaimed. Jack was completely intrigued as he watched Daniel push his glasses up the bridge of his nose and lean in closer to the screen. Five or ten minutes passed and Jack found his irritation building as Daniel insisted on reading all of the information contained on the pages.

"Trust Daniel to want to read the articles!"

From Jack’s position, the only thing visible to him on the screen was the small media clip that played along with the instructions. It showed the same guy jerking off over and over and over, and it was hypnotic almost to the point of being overpowering.

Daniel cleared his throat loudly, shifted on the chair then leapt up and disappeared. The sudden movement caused Jack to instinctively pull back from the spy hole but he quickly returned to his vantage point, eager to see what was going on. Daniel had returned and was standing in the middle of the rug, shrugging down his trousers and his underpants. When he stood up again, his cock stood out proudly in front of him heavy and pendulous.

"Sweet," Jack whispered breathlessly. He allowed his hand to ghost over his own dick as he watched the scene play out before him. The sight of Daniel’s shaved cock and balls was overwhelming him and Jack was taken by surprise by the intensity of his own arousal. He groaned as he unzipped his fly and released his dick into the now very cool air around him. He shivered as the cold air danced around his erection, the tiny pin pricks of sensation walking that fine line between pleasure and pain. The intensity of it just amazing, making his balls clench.

Returning his attention to Daniel, Jack saw him go back to the desk and take the office chair away, replacing it with the four legged wooden chair near the door.

"Dammit, lube," Daniel hissed, running out of the room again. Jack could hear him rummaging in the bedroom drawers again and he rolled his eyes upwards, his impatience mounting. Was he ever going to get this show on the road for godsakes? When Daniel finally returned he had a tube of lubricant in one hand and several condoms in the other.

‘What the hell did he need condoms for?’

Daniel discarded the condoms on the desk and opened the tube of lube, smearing the contents onto his cock. He sat in the chair pulling it into the desk and, apart from the fact that he was naked from the waist down, he looked for all the world like he was about to start work. Jack watched as he braced his cock and positioned himself hard up on the edge of the desk. He tipped back on the chair, standing it on its two back legs and proceeded to rock backwards and forwards in a thrusting motion, rubbing his dick on the table’s edge.

Daniel’s soft moans floated up to Jack in the roof space and the effect was immediate. The color drained away from his face and headed south. Every time the head of Daniel’s slick cock disappeared under the lip of the table his moans of pleasure increased. Jack licked his lips again, the dryness returning to his mouth in a rush. As the heat turned up downstairs, Jack had no choice but to grab his own dick and start slowly pumping it. The sensation created by his warm fingers on his very cold and extremely hard cock was counter balanced by the rasping effect of the calluses on his right hand. Experienced together, the net effect of all these disparate sensations was an unbelievable rush and Jack felt amazingly guilty, but after several long and leisurely pulls on his dick he was determined to enjoy every illicit moment.

Downstairs, Daniel’s arousal continued unabated, and Jack could see that although he was enjoying the sensation of dragging his cock along the table’s edge, it was all a little too slow. Jack smiled knowing just how impatient Daniel could be when it came to his own pleasure. He wished he was a betting man, knowing full well that any minute now Daniel would take matters into his own hands, so to speak.

‘Oh yeah, here it comes.’

Daniel wrapped his fingers around his straining cock and stroked it hard, starting from the base and ending with a tug as he reached the head. The strokes were hard and quick and the outcome seemed inevitable. Inevitable that is, until Daniel suddenly stopped.

‘You have got to be kidding me!’ Jack’s face was, as ever, an open book.

Still panting from the effort of pulling himself up mid-stream, Daniel paused to reassert his control before he turned his attention back to the web page, flipping to another technique that had caught his eye earlier. He reached for one of the condoms and swiftly unwrapped it. Rolling it on his dick he pulled down hard on it leaving him with a lot of extra latex bunched up at the base. Using both hands he stretched the excess over his scrotum, effectively tucking all of himself inside.

As he gained controlled of his breathing, Daniel settled, enjoying the sensation of being totally contained within the condom. It was tight and controlling and yet at the same time the lightness of it was amazing. It reminded him of their first night together, the first time Jack had ever touched his cock.

They had been standing face to face in the bedroom, both of them stripped down to their underpants, neither of them really sure what to do next. It was a first time for so many things. Jack had reached into Daniel’s underpants and taken his cock and balls into his hand, lifting them away from his body, barely holding them. It was as if he was taking the measure of Daniel; feeling the weight of him. Daniel had never felt freer than he had that night; the simple act was one of the most erotic experiences he had ever had. Now, as the condom gripped his skin and took his weight, the memory rushed at him like a freight train, causing him to moan long and low in the back of his throat.

Long moments passed while Daniel simply sat and enjoyed the sensation of confinement, resisting the urge to touch himself and break the spell.

Jack’s throat constricted as he watched him, afraid to touch his own dick fearing he would come all over the insulation.

Neither man moved the tension thick in the air.

Daniel gradually started to hunch forward, and Jack realised he wouldn’t fight the need to touch himself for much longer. As if in response to Jack’s unspoken thoughts, Daniel grabbed his dick in his left hand and reached for the lubricant with the other. He squeezed a liberal amount onto his hand and then set about coating the condom. Working slowly at first, he started to stroke himself, the lubricant allowing his hand to slide easily up and down the length of his erection. He set up a steady pace, his pleasure heightened by the sensation of his balls being tugged and shaken with each stroke.

Hidden in the roof, Jack grabbed his own impressive erection and started to stroke in time with Daniel. Already aroused beyond what he thought was ever possible, his dick was starting to turn purple around the head and a small amount of pre cum was already glistening at his slit. Jack worked his cock, worried he might fall through the roof at any moment yet unable to resist the urgent need to get off with Daniel. He braced his feet against the opposite beam and leaned back. He couldn’t see Daniel now but his cries were becoming louder and more insistent and Jack’s imagination was filling in the blanks for him very nicely.

He closed his eyes and imagined the hairless skin on Daniel’s balls as it moved backward and forward, wrinkling with the relentless pulling of the condom. He visualised Daniel, his head lolling on the chair back; eyes squeezed shut, breathing rapid and excited. God, Jack was so ready to blow and not much was gonna stop him now.

Jack’s eyes snapped open when he heard Daniel’s feral scream of ecstasy.

"God, Daniel."

Jack jerked his cock hard one more time, before finally succumbing to his own shuddering and explosive orgasm. It ripped through him and he came hard, the pleasure almost obliterated by the agony. He bit down hard on his lip as he worked to keep the small moan working its way out of his throat from turning into a full blown scream. His seed pulsed out of him, lubricating him as he pulled down hard on his cock, squeezing every last drop of come from his dick. He imagined Daniel standing over him, coating his body in the endless ribbons of semen that he knew were shooting out of him at this very moment. As he finally lost all control of his higher functions, it happened. He yelled. Loudly.

‘Aw, shiiiit!’

In the room below, Daniel stopped what he was doing and sat completely still.


Up in the roof, Jack, still panting from his unbelievable orgasm tried not to move. His dick was still twitching in his hand and he was forced to stifle another scream as a cramp took hold of the calf muscle in his right leg. The agony of the cramp danced across Jack’s face as he tried to ward it off by flexing his leg backwards and forwards a few times. When this didn’t work he could do little more than endure the pain, unaware his movements had stirred up a small cloud of dust that had escaped through the hole in the roof.

Downstairs, Daniel, now hyper-vigilant saw the dust particles floating down. He turned his eyes upwards and for the first time noticed the three cracks and the large hole in the ceiling. Not really sure of the significance of the damage he felt vaguely uncomfortable and moved to cover his crotch with a file that was on the desk.

Daniel stood up quietly and went into the bathroom where he rolled the spent condom off his dick and discarded it in the bathroom waste bin. Jack’s robe was hanging from the hook on the back of the door, so he put it on and went in search of answers. One thing Jack had taught him was how to do a half way decent threat assessment. Within minutes, he had searched all the rooms of the house, finishing in the backyard.

There he found a large extension ladder pushed up against the side of the house. Following the ladder skyward, he saw the eight or so roof tiles that Jack had removed to provide an access point. The final piece of the puzzle, Jack’s yard shirt, was hanging from the rungs of the ladder where he had discarded it.

"Damn you, Jack."

Daniel wandered back into the house and into the kitchen. He didn’t know what the hell Jack was up to in the roof, but one thing was for certain, he’d given his lover an unbelievable eyeful in the last hour, and now he needed to devise an appropriate punishment. Leaning against the kitchen counter he started to formulate his plan.

Totally unaware of the new developments downstairs, Jack was sitting in the same position he had been in when he had climaxed so spectacularly only minutes before. As he furiously massaged the calf muscle of his cramped leg, he shrugged off his work boot and grabbed his toes, which were painfully curled back towards him. Rubbing vigorously, he massaged them until he could flex them again and straighten them out.

As he worked, something cold and wet dropped from the overhead rafter onto his face. Wiping it off, he rolled the sticky substance between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a quick sniff for good measure. He grinned broadly as he realised he had actually shot his come all the way to the beam.

"Not bad for an old guy!"

The soft sounds of Daniel’s latest make-out CD announced to Jack that Daniel had returned to the office. Wiping his hand on the leg of his jeans, he got back on his knees and leaned down to the hole. Jack couldn’t believe his luck. Daniel obviously hadn’t been alerted to his presence. Maybe he hadn’t screamed as loudly as he had first thought. Jack shook his head in disbelief; Daniel had been gone so long he really thought that playtime was over.

Still Daniel was back now and he was sitting completely naked in the middle of the rug - his blue eyes shining brightly. Lying beside him on the rug was a pole about three feet long and an inch in diameter, along with the ever present tube of lube. Jack looked at the small pole and recognised that it was at least one half of his brand new mop handle. He was intrigued, but he made a mental note to read Daniel the riot act for destroying the mop.

Ignoring both the pole and the lube for the moment, Daniel lay down on his back, sighing deeply, his knees bent upwards, legs slightly apart. In this position he was completely exposed to Jack’s lustful gaze and he proceeded to grab his balls and tease himself by rolling them around in the palm of his hand. Pushing up into his crotch, he let them drop allowing gravity to take its course.

Daniel continued to tease himself in this way for a good ten minutes, his sighs becoming more and more audible. Jack was totally transfixed, and couldn’t help but wonder if Daniel often masturbated like this, out in the open, exposed and vulnerable. Jack couldn’t image feeling comfortable doing this himself, but had to admit watching Daniel doing it made him as hot as hell.

When he spanked the monkey it was in the privacy of his own bedroom, and definitely under the cover of a sheet, thank you very much. Daniel liked Jack to masturbate for him, and he’d found that very confronting right from the get go. Especially since Daniel insisted they maintain eye contact the entire time. As they had grown closer though, Jack had found it less difficult, if not downright pleasurable. Daniel had the uncanny knack of seeing into his soul and for once in his life he wasn’t found wanting.

Daniel grabbed his cock and pulled it up tight against his belly, extending it beyond its normal relaxed reach. Jack looked down in wonder, marvelling at just how beautiful Daniel looked laying there, his face glowing from the exertion. Jack imagined himself between Daniel’s legs, licking a long stripe right up the underside of his totally edible dick. This torment was the hottest thing he could have ever imagined and he was starting to understand why Daniel liked to watch him.

Almost as if he was responding to Jack’s imagery, Daniel moaned softly. Jack felt connected to Daniel in some weird way and he leaned down, eager to see what he was up to now. Daniel was still holding his extended dick close to his body but he was steadily stroking his member with the open palm of his other hand. The head bobbed up and down as it was effectively sandwiched between his palm and his stomach.

Once more Jack’s hand ghosted his own cock, but he had made a promise that he would not allow himself to orgasm a second time, fearing he would ruin everything if Daniel heard him again. Hoping to keep his promise, his hand left his dick and travelled up to his nipple instead, twisting and squeezing it, the delicious sensation easier to manage than the teasing of his prick.

Downstairs, Daniel’s moans and whimpers increased, and Jack started twisting and pinching harder. As Daniel neared his completion, he paused and sat upright on the rug. His hand snaked out and he retrieved the pole that lay by his side. Running his slender fingers up and down its smooth length, Jack was more than surprised when Daniel spoke.

"Oh yeah, perfect."

The tone was deep and needy, and Jack was intrigued. When Daniel masturbated for him, he never spoke. Did he usually talk like this when he masturbated when he was alone? Daniel retrieved the lube from the rug, liberally smearing it along the smooth length of the stick. Once finished, he also applied lube to his swollen dick, pausing only to give himself a few hard tugs.

"God, yeah," Daniel murmured.

Rising up and onto his knees, Daniel took the small pole and straddled it backwards, digging one end into the carpet between his legs, ensuring it couldn’t move. He carefully split his butt cheeks and balanced on it, allowing his anus to grip the slick cylinder. Reaching behind himself he grabbed the end of the wooden pole and began to experiment. When he pulled up on it from behind, he was forced up onto his knees and his hips thrust forward. The sensation on his hole was unbelievable as he sank back down and then thrust forward again.

Getting with the program very quickly, his other hand came around and gripped his cock. The next time he thrust forward, he pulled hard on his dick. Jack watched in disbelief as the head of his cock disappeared inside his hand and he squeezed it hard, before it re-emerged on the downward release.

"Oh shit yeah, fuck me!" Daniel cried as he continued to ride the pole and stroke his erection. As the momentum built, Daniel’s cries increased. Hidden in the rafters, Jack’s promise not to touch himself was long forgotten, as he grabbed his cock and once more started pumping furiously in time to Daniel’s rhythm.

"Yeah fuck me hard!" Daniel cried, his face tilted up to the ceiling, perspiration dripping from his forehead.

‘Oh yeah, baby, anything you say,’ Jack whispered. He crouched on his haunches eyes glued firmly to the spy hole as he pulled his dick relentlessly downwards. Fuck the insulation, he thought, as the head of his cock grazed the surface. When he realised just how good the batting felt against the sensitised head of his dick he bent forward and actively used it to rub against, driving himself wild in the process.

"Oh yeah only you, only you…" Daniel moaned from below. "Fuck me raw."

Not for the first time that afternoon, Jack recognised that Daniel was just about ready to blow. Grabbing the head of his own dick, he traced circles with it on the batting beneath his knees, the rough sandpaper effect pushing him near the chasm. His breath was coming in short hard gasps and pre cum leaked onto the insulation beneath him as he prepared for what he knew would be another massive orgasm.

"Oh God, David, I love you!" Daniel screamed.


Jack’s dick withered instantly in his hand, as he watched Daniel pull his cock towards himself one final time, come spurting out of the head in highly charged streams, all over his face and mouth. Licking his lips, Daniel swallowed what fell into his mouth as he rode out the orgasm.

"I’ll kill him!" Jack yelled, pulling himself up to his full height. He banged his head on the rafters but he didn’t care as anger overtook him. Springing like a gymnast, he vaulted across the beams in record time, head emerging above the roof tiles where the ladder was pushed up against the building.

In seconds he was half way down the ladder, striding through the backyard, dick bobbing about freely through his open zipper. Jack looked up to see his neighbour Mrs Cole peering over the fence. She stared at him, her mouth hanging open, face devoid of color.

"Not now Mrs Cole, not now…" he waved her off with a dismissive flick of his hand.

"Yes, well I can see you’re busy there with umm, urgent business. Perhaps another time if you can tear yourself away." She slipped back from the fence and walked away shaking her head.

Jack continued his relentless pursuit of Daniel, charging through the back door of the house and storming towards the office. As he entered the room he had well and truly lost his ability to reason.

"You little bastard, I’ll fucking kill you!" Jack ranted, as he picked up the mop handle and hurled it across the room then threw himself on top of Daniel. "Fucking mine!" he yelled again as he nailed Daniel to the floor and proceeded to claim his lips in the most painful and bruising kiss he had ever delivered. Hard guttural noises escaped his throat as he continued to punish Daniel’s lips, thrusting his tongue deep inside the younger man’s mouth. Jack tasted Daniel’s come and it only served to drive him further over the edge.

Jack rammed himself repeatedly into Daniel, thrusting blindly, totally out of control. The desperate need to claim his lover was arousing him all over again and Jack’s cock slowly started to fill between them. Daniel offered little resistance to Jack’s attack, passively accepting Jack’s need to dominate him. As their dicks clashed together, Daniel found himself growing hard again.

"I’ll fucking kill you!" Jack ground out through clenched teeth as he released Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel leaned into Jack’s ear, pulling his head down towards his mouth, where he slowly and deliberately delivered the coup de grace.

"Did you enjoy the show, Jack?"

Daniel remained calm and in control as Jack finally bought a clue. The thrusting of his hips stilled as reality dawned, and he pulled his head back and looked into Daniel’s eyes. They hung there for what seemed like an eternity before Jack finally spoke.

"There’s no David, is there?" he said, as he slowly raised himself off Daniel. He hovered above him trying desperately to read his face.

"What do you think, Jack?"

"Fuck you, Daniel."

Jack rolled off Daniel and collapsed on the floor beside him. The two men lay on their backs panting for air, their cocks painfully rigid despite the turn of events.

"What the hell did you think you were doing, Jack? I can’t believe you were spying on me."

Jack threw his arm over his eyes as he contemplated what the hell he could possibly say that would make this right. Everything that flashed through his mind was immediately rejected as inadequate before he even uttered a single word. For the first time in a long time he couldn’t really gauge how Daniel was likely to react and his confidence in his ability to sway the younger man waned considerably.

"Are you planning to say something anytime soon Jack? Because I really can’t wait to hear this."

Jack rolled on his side and looked at his lover. Daniel was now propped up on one arm, looking intently into Jack’s face. Far from looking unhappy, he appeared to be assessing Jack with that clinical gaze that he reserved for interesting artefacts or off world social experiments.

"I wanted to surprise you," Jack said shifting uncomfortably.

"Well you certainly succeeded." Daniel’s eyes were still firmly on the older man’s face and Jack felt as if he had nowhere to hide from the questioning.

"Jesus, Daniel, what are you doing home anyway? I should have had three more days. Three more days of peace and quiet. I wanted to surprise you."

"You said that already."

"Did I?"

"Yes you did. Tell my why you were spying on me, Jack."

"I wasn’t, I mean, I didn’t mean to, it just all got mixed up." Jack’s response was almost childlike, uncertainty creeping into his voice. "I heard you come home and I was going to come out but then you started surfing that website and touching yourself...that way…and I couldn’t...I just thought, well no, I didn’t think, that’s all. All I wanted to do was fuck you, but I couldn’t stop looking at you. My fucking balls were so fucking tight I thought I was going to die."

Daniel watched as Jack turned to face him, fear and remorse radiating from his brown eyes. The irony of course was that Daniel was keeping his own secret from Jack. How could he explain to him that from the moment he knew Jack was spying on him he only wanted to touch himself all the more? The experiment with the pole had far outstripped his wildest dreams, and he’d come like a teenager, knowing he was being watched.

"You’re really pissed at me, aren’t ya?" Jack’s voice had that defeated quality about it. He was ready for Daniel’s condemnation and whatever punishment he was sure would follow.

"If I say no would you be surprised?"

"Really? Not pissed?" Jack asked, quirking an eyebrow skyward.

"Jack, I didn’t think I’d ever be into the whole exhibitionism thing but, well, I shot enough come into my own face to prove me wrong about that."

"Yeah, you did do that didn’t you? Hey, I shot to the roof, did I tell you? Two full feet, if it was an inch." Jack said with a goofy grin.

"Impressive," Daniel replied, as a small smile played across his face. He was certain he’d seen Jack’s chest puff up just a little and that grin of his was infectious.

"Yeah, I thought so." This was going well but Jack remained cautious as the conversation continued.

"How many times did you come watching me Jack?" Daniel was suddenly serious again.

"Two, why?"

"Could you go again?"


"Because I’m not finished with you yet General O’Neill. I want you to fuck me like it was our first time. I need you inside of me, filling me, completing me." Daniel reached out his hand and cupped Jack’s cheek. "Make me love you all over again, Jack."

Jack swallowed hard. This was not what he had been expecting, but this whole day had been like a trip through a trans-dimensional mirror. Who the hell was he to question the order of things? His archaeologist was all but begging him to fuck his brains out, and Jack had every intention of complying with his request.

It was a total mystery to him, but somehow this whole experience had served to strengthen his love for Daniel, whose simple request to ‘make me love you all over again’ made perfect sense to Jack. His own need to reaffirm his love for Daniel was so close to the surface, and mysteriously tangled up with his need to fuck him; to own him body and soul. Before he could make the first move however, Daniel was between his legs, taking his remaining shoe off and dragging his jeans down his body.

"Jack, why have you only got one boot on?"

"Yeah well, it was hot up there in the roof Daniel. Don’t ask so many questions."

Daniel raised his eyebrows and gave Jack THAT look. There was no way on Earth Jack was going to tell Daniel about the cramp. He was fit despite his age, and as far as he was concerned a little mid afternoon Colorado rub could not have been responsible for that spasm.

"If you say so," Daniel replied.

"I say so."

Having freed Jack from his clothing, Daniel set about the business of pleasuring his General. He got right down to it, gently sucking Jack’s balls into his mouth one after the other. He alternated between the two, setting up a punishing yet pleasurable routine that drove Jack wild.

Jack groaned as Daniel sucked his cock into his mouth and suckled him gently, before pulling back to inspect his handy work.

A light sheen of perspiration had settled on Jack’s forehead and Daniel smiled broadly. He took hold of Jack’s dick and held it steady while he used his tongue to glide over the head. He devoured Jack like an ice cream cone, alternating between flattening his tongue out and making a broad sweep, and using the point to probe his slit. This light torture quickly turned into a full blown deep-throating of his cock, when Daniel suddenly sucked him all the way to the back of his throat. Jack’s knees bent upward and his hips started to thrust forward, losing all pretence that he was in control.

"Ahhh shit, Danny, cut it out. If you don’t stop right now there won’t be any happy endings here. I’m an old guy and I’ve already come twice today."

Daniel’s head bobbed up and he looked Jack in the eye, his dick still held firmly between his lips. Reading Jack’s expression he saw the wisdom in his words. He opened his mouth and released Jack’s dick with a wet slurp, climbing to his knees and slapping the side of Jack’s thigh as he went.

"Come on, get up, General."

"What, why?"

"Less questions, more action please."

Jack sprang to his feet and groaned. His cock was pleasantly hard now but he knew he would be in trouble if something didn’t happen soon.

"Chair," Daniel directed, pointing at the wooden chair he had earlier been masturbating in. Jack grabbed it and went to swing it away from the desk but Daniel stopped him. "No, leave it there. Sit in it facing the screen."

Jack did as he was told and waited for the next instruction, loving the effect that being stage managed by Daniel was having on his body.

"Lube up and do it carefully," Daniel ordered, tossing Jack the lube. "We don’t want that going off in your hand now do we?"

Jack carefully slathered the lube up and down his shaft, a gentle warming sensation gripping his dick.

"Feels good doesn’t it?" Daniel crooned. "It’s that new type that heats up."

Inwardly, Jack smiled. Daniel couldn’t know how welcome the heat was after the roof had turned from the Sahara desert into the Alaskan Tundra all in one afternoon. When he was done, he leant forward to put the lube on the desk but was stopped short by Daniel straddling his lap. The tube was knocked to the floor as Daniel swung his leg across him. Jack watched as Daniel reached back with both hands and pulled his cheeks apart. With absolutely no attempt at preparation, Daniel proceeded to impale himself fully onto Jack’s cock. Jack didn’t know what to do; it was heaven and hell all at the same time.

"Fuck Daniel. It’s too much... "

Jack’s control was tenuous and Daniel knew it.

"It’s okay, take deep breaths. You can do it." Daniel replied as he ensured that the two of them sat perfectly still while his burning ass tried desperately to accommodate Jack’s dick.

Jack seriously doubted that as he sat face to face with Daniel, the dazzling cerulean blue of his eyes causing Jack’s chest and throat to constrict. It was always this way for Jack when they were sitting this close together, like some sappy teenager mooning over his first love. It was embarrassing, and Jack did his best to hide this fact from Daniel, but somehow he suspected that the younger man knew him well enough to know the truth. Jack knew that Daniel hated being described as beautiful, but he WAS fucking beautiful. He was the perfect package; beautiful eyes, perfect skin, well honed and sexy but in a masculine way. In his wildest dreams, Jack could never have believed he would think these things about another man and yet there it was.

Jack let his eyes slip shut while they waited for Daniel to acclimatise. With each passing second, Jack knew he was in danger of blowing and he struggled to maintain his grip on the situation. It should have been easier with his eyes closed, but he could still smell Daniel; feel him under his hands; imagine the look of absolute bliss on his face. Jack’s eyes snapped open – closing them hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

While Jack worked hard at concentrating, Daniel’s hand crept up to the back of Jack’s head, gently pulling the older man to him and kissing him tenderly. Jack remained passive but responsive as Daniel toyed around the margins of his lips alternately licking, sucking and kissing them.

When he pulled back, Jack couldn’t help but focus on Daniel’s perfectly shaped lips. Full and pouting, they were truly the stuff of fantasies. Jack desperately wanted those lips and so he mirrored Daniel’s earlier efforts by pulling him in and kissing him lightly before slowly sucking his lower lip into his mouth.

They continued their gentle kissing, Jack’s hands exploring Daniel’s back while Daniel’s slender fingers traced their way through Jack’s spiky, gritty hair. Feeling the grit, Daniel pulled back and looked into Jack’s eyes.

"Don’t ask," Jack responded laconically, "it’s a long story."

"Another one?" Daniel was beginning to suspect that leaving Jack on his own wasn’t such a good idea.

Daniel moved in again and began to kiss and suck a line down Jack’s neck, the salty taste of his perspiration combined with the dust from the roof somehow making things more erotic. He continued to trace long slippery lines around Jack’s neck and collar bone, making his way back to his ear to nibble on the lobe. Jack shivered as Daniel targeted his most erogenous zones; the temptation to move almost overpowering. Daniel hadn’t given him the all clear to move yet though, and he wasn’t about to jump the gun on this one.

Continuing to tease him, Daniel opened his mouth and huffed, sending a gust of warm air cascading onto Jack’s collar bone. At the same time he dropped his right hand to Jack’s nipple and he rolled the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. A moan escaped Jack’s lips just as Daniel’s cell phone started to ring, the vibrations it was making causing it to walk its way across the desktop. Daniel looked around at it, silently noting the caller id.

"Leave it," Jack croaked, but Daniel had a wicked smile on his face and that spelled trouble.

"Might be important, Jack." Moving carefully Daniel twisted himself around, picked it up and promptly applied the vibrating phone firmly to Jack’s left nipple.

"Holy shit!"

Daniel smiled as he started to move the phone around Jack’s chest, tracing the areola of Jack’s nipples causing them to harden and stand proud from his chest. The phone buzzed on relentlessly and Jack thought he might die soon if Daniel didn’t quit it. Before Jack could get a word in, Daniel pressed the loud speaker key and the phone stopped vibrating.

"Hey Sam."

"Hey Daniel. The General around?" Sam’s voice sounded thin but it was loud in the small space.

"Nope, never found him."

Jack flashed Daniel an irritated scowl, knowing Daniel was aware of how he was only just hanging onto his orgasm by his fingertips.

When Jack’s expression turned to one of I dare you Daniel took up the challenge. "So, how’s your day going?" Daniel asked, lifting up slightly and wiggling on Jack’s cock. Jack’s head shot back, the effort to stay quite nearly killing him. Using his free hand Daniel hauled Jack’s head back and clamped down on his lips with a punishing kiss before finally surfacing for air.

"Fine, just fine. What are you up to?" Sam asked.

Jack scowled again and Daniel leaned in and bit his lower lip for good measure before answering the question.

"I’m doing some research on the web."

"Really? What sort of research?" Sam was intrigued.

"Oh, you know, relaxation techniques mostly, personal development that sort of thing."

He gazed at Jack, a filthy, slutty look that had the older man jumping out of his skin. This was Daniel’s favorite thing. Torment. He loved to torment Jack. Using the cell phone he started to trace wide circles over Jack’s chest grazing his nipples on each pass.

"Hey what’s that noise?" Sam asked, "Can you hear that?"

Daniel pulled the phone away from Jack’s chest, clicked off the loudspeaker function and brought the phone to his ear. "Yeah, must be some weird interference or something."

"Oh, it sounds odd, raspy and weird. Well, I guess I‘ll leave you to it. Let the General know I was looking for him would you?"

"Yep, soon as I see him. Bye." Daniel ended the call and tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor.

"You little bas…mpffff…"

Daniel terminated Jack’s words with a fresh assault on his lips. Daniel’s dick was rock hard now and aching like a bitch. He rocked forward a little and a bolt of desire shot through him, causing his cock to twitch slightly. His closed his eyes and emersed himself in the feeling, allowing it to wash over him. When he opened his eyes again his expression had changed along with his demeanour.

Jack sensed the change in tempo when Daniel looked into his eyes. Daniel’s face was filled with love and need and Jack found it confronting as always. Not because he didn’t feel it, far from it, but because he couldn’t understand it. What the hell did Daniel see in him anyway? He drew in a deep breath, the emotions hard to deal with. This was them at their best; teasing and tempting one minute; deeply intense and emotional the next.

"You all right there General?"

"Oh yeah, just peachy. You?"

Daniel didn’t answer. Planting his feet firmly on the floor on either side of the chair he used his thigh muscles to centre himself and control his movements. He slowly rocked forward, raising himself up and then carefully lowering himself again as he fucked himself on Jack’s dick.

Jack was in ecstasy as Daniel started to thrust up and down twisting slightly on the downward spiral to ensure Jack’s cock was grazing the nub of his prostate. With each lift upwards Daniel used his ass muscles to grip Jack just tightly enough to encourage him, but not enough to make him come. It was agonisingly slow and controlled, and Jack tried valiantly to hang on for the sake of his lover. Sensing his difficulty, Daniel gripped Jack’s face between his hands and forced him to focus on him.

"Hold on, Jack, you can do it. I love you."

More than anything, Jack wanted to fulfil all of Daniel’s needs. However, there was more to this than not wanting to come too soon. Daniel needed Jack’s emotional commitment and his willingness to give. Jack might not be the brightest man on the planet, but he understood this about his archaeologist. He was sure that Daniel, in common with most men had engaged in sex for fun in the past, but Jack knew that was never what Daniel had wanted from him.

The two men continued to stare deeply into each other’s eyes as Daniel continued his relentless rise and fall, his hands never straying from Jack’s face. As Daniel drew nearer to his apex, the head of his cock started to leak pre cum, the liquid smearing over Jack’s belly.

They were both close now, and Daniel knew if he let Jack have his way soon they could probably climax together. As the pace picked up, Daniel threw his head back and a soft moan escaped his lips. This was Daniel’s only utterance, but Jack knew instinctively that it was time. Time for him to take over; to be in charge. He stood up, supporting Daniel as he pushed him down onto the desk top, his legs hanging over the edge. He pushed Daniel’s laptop to the side before reaching behind Daniel and sweeping away the rest of the clutter giving them a bit more room to move.

Gripping Daniel’s legs he pushed them backwards, his knees practically on his chest. Jack had kept a lid on things for so long that he was digging his fingers into Daniel, marking him and leaving bruises.

"Fuck me, Jack, claim me. Finish what we started."

Jack started thrusting hard into Daniel, finally freed from his restraints. He pumped furiously, the sound of his balls slapping Daniel’s butt and the straining of the wooden desk were music to his ears.

"So good…," Jack moaned as he picked up the pace. Releasing Daniel’s legs, he let them drop and rest lightly on his shoulders and upper arms, allowing him to wrap his arms around Daniel’s thighs and pull him in even closer. Jack now had total control of the situation and he was not about to slow down anytime soon.

"Oh, Jesus, Jack."

Jack’s exertions were audible; each thrust accompanied by a small grunt. As they picked up the pace together, Daniel joined him, their grunts synchronising. Daniel’s hand strayed down to his cock and he set up a small jerking motion in time to Jack’s thrusts. The sight of it reminded Jack of his afternoon rooftop adventure and it was all too much to take.

"Gonna come, Danny, gonna come."

Jack was about to admit defeat. He didn’t want to get there before Daniel, but it had been too long and he was there, like it or not. He yelled loudly shooting his seed deeply into Daniel’s ass. He rode out his orgasm while his body worked to empty his balls into that tight hot space. Daniel stroked his cock one last time and Jack’s hopes were realised when he came in scorching streams all over Jack’s chest, face and arms. Elated, Jack tilted his head back as Daniel’s warm come coated the underside of his chin and the tops of his arms. When the two of them were finally spent, Jack fell forward onto Daniel, leaning heavily on him, crushing him against the desk.

"Jack …really heavy…"

Jack gathered what wits he had left and slowly raised himself off Daniel, allowing the younger man to drag in a few much needed breaths. Taking a step back, Jack slipped out of Daniel easily, his cock well and truly spent. He staggered back into the chair and sat heavily, his head lolling back, eyes closed.

Daniel dropped his legs over the edge of the table and sat up. He got up, walked over to the rug in the middle of the room and collapsed on the floor on his back. The only discernable sound in the room was the heavy breathing of the lovers, but the spell was broken when Daniel finally spoke.



"What the hell were you doing in the roof?"

"Air conditioning…bedroom…tired of you whining…"

"I don’t whine! Wait, air conditioning? Really? For me?"

"Yes, Daniel, for you."

Daniel sat up and smiled at Jack as he sat in the wooden chair completely and utterly spent. Jack remained as he was, eyes shut tight unable to muster the small amount of energy required to open them.



"Why the hell are you home early?"

"Long story short?"

"Yes Daniel, that would be good…"

"Um, well there was a heatwave on the planet. There was no way for us to stay there without turning into human puddles. Sam called it off."

"Ironic really isn’t it?" Jack murmured eyes still closed. "Yes, Daniel, don’t look at me like that, I can use the word ironic in a sentence correctly."

"I didn’t say a word Jack."

"You didn’t have to I can feel you looking at me."



"Yes, Jack."

"How did you find out about that fucking website?"

"Which one?" Daniel asked innocently.

Jack opened his eyes and pinned him to the floor with a withering glare. "Well now, let’s see. How about www dot grab my own fucking dick dot com. That advanced spanking website Daniel, whaddya think I was referring to?"

"Oh that? David told me about it."

"David? Who is this fucking David? He’d better not be hanging around you, Daniel."

"New guy, SG- 9. The other day in the commissary the marines were all talking about, well, you know, IT...and he mentioned this site. Said it was unbelievable, so it’s been on my mind ever since to check it out."

"You sure this ‘David’ isn’t checking you out, Daniel?" The heat of jealousy burned in Jack’s eyes and Daniel couldn’t help but enjoy it. He loved it when Jack went alpha on him. It felt good.

"He’s married." Daniel said.

"So fucking what? Makes no difference."

"No, really married. In love married. Okay? Good enough Brigadier General Over the Top?"

"Well spank me rosy," Jack said as he reached out a hand to Daniel. "Come on, get off that floor and help an old man up. I’m gonna hit the shower before I fall asleep where I’m sitting. Wanna join me?"

By the time Jack got up, Daniel was standing beside the chair. Daniel stopped Jack in his tracks by placing a deep kiss on the older man’s lips. Jack tilted his head back, allowing Daniel to deepen the kiss and solicit a small moan of appreciation from him.

"Come on, we’ve got a big day tomorrow," Jack said as they moved towards the doorway.

"We do?" Daniel asked surprised. This was all news to him considering he shouldn’t even be home at all.

"Yes we do. First, we’re going shopping to replace my mop handle and then you and I need to have a little talk about what you get up to with my clothes." Jack underlined his point by tapping his finger on Daniel’s chest.

"Oh." Daniel had the good grace to blush a little. "Then are you going to install my air conditioning?" Daniel asked hopefully.

"Yeah, but first I’m installing spy holes in the rest of the house."



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