The Guy from Number 27

By Debs

Rating: 18 +

Notes/ Warnings: PWP, Slash, M/M sex, potty language and general hotness. Lots and lots and lots of clichés.

Summary: A tale of jealousy in suburbia. Seems Jack needs to be taught a lesson - again! Alpha Danny meets bottom!Jack and the outcome is exactly what you would expect.

Dedication: This little smut fest is dedicated to my dear friend Edna who is always so encouraging of my work in all its forms. I hope you enjoy this hon; you little bottom!Jack tart you!

My thanks go to Pepe for the speedy beta. She deserves a medal for wading through my rather instinctive use of the English language. One day I will get the commas in the right places, I promise!



"Off for a run?" Jack asked as he wiped his hands on the oily rag he was holding and threw it onto the hood of the car.

Daniel paused on the driveway and peered over his shoulder into the dimly lit garage. Without his glasses he was relying on his sense of direction to find Jack amidst the boxes, crates and yard tools strewn about in Jack's fortress.

"Yeah, just a bit restless," he replied. "That translation from P3R968 is really getting to me. I was kind of hoping a little fresh air and exercise might give me some inspiration."

"Well it's good to see you listening to my suggestions for a change, Daniel. Sometimes pulling an all-nighter with a ten-gallon pot of coffee just isn't going to cut it."

"Jack, you know I take note of every little thing you say and do. Speaking of which; where'd you get the new car?"

Jack looked back at the shiny Nissan he'd been working on sitting inside his garage and sighed.

"I wish. Not mine; belongs to the new guy from number 27. The timing was playing up so I said I'd have a quick look at it."

"The new guy from number 27? Have I met him?"

"No Daniel, you haven't, but you will when he comes by to pick the car up. He's on his own so I said that, if it's okay with you, we might crack a few beers and sacrifice a steak on the BBQ tonight. You know, provided you're alright with it."

"How would I know if I'm alright with it, Jack? I've never met this guy. What do you know about him? I mean besides the fact that he's the new guy from number 27?"

"He works with computers, Daniel, that's all I know. Oh, apart from the fact that his wife and kids left him."


"Excuse me?"


"Do you mean, 'Why did his wife and kids leave him?' or 'Why do I KNOW his wife and kids left him'?"

"Cut it out, Jack, you know what I mean."

"I don't know, Daniel, but as far as I can tell he isn't a serial wife beater or anything. You've got a suspicious nature, do you know that? Maybe you'd like to ask him about it tonight?"

"Maybe I will," Daniel threw over his shoulder as he started down the driveway.

Daniel put his head down and ran up the street. He had a jealous streak in him as long as a country mile and he was a very unhappy camper right at this moment. Who the hell was this number 27 guy anyway? Daniel had already mentioned to Jack that he was interested in seeing a movie tonight and having a quiet night in, so why was he inviting this guy around to theirs? Especially since Jack knew damn well that a quiet night in almost certainly meant sex in Daniel's book.

Okay so he had been bringing a bit of work home with him lately, but it all needed to be done ASAP. And anyway, he'd kept his part of the bargain and had assiduously been avoiding doing any of the other things that pissed Jack off, so why couldn't Jack do the same? Unexpected guests drove him mad and Jack knew it. It wasn't that he was anti-social or anything, he just liked to have a plan and stick to it.

Daniel could see how this evening was going to play out; beer, football and dried out, unappetizing steaks. Jack and number 27 would be discussing sport all night long in a language that was completely foreign to him. Meanwhile he would serve the drinks and smile sweetly and hope like hell that this interloper didn't work out that he didn't have the foggiest what they are talking about. Shit. It wasn't that Daniel cared if Jack did the things that Jack liked doing but he had quite deliberately voiced his intentions for an evening alone together. Jack could do the hairy, male-bonding thing another night.

Daniel's feet struck the pavement harder and his speed increased as rapidly as his heart rate. Shock waves traveled up his legs as his feet pounded the cement underfoot. As he rounded the corner at the end of the street, he grabbed at the branch of a small tree and stripped all the leaves from it in one smooth action. He heard the homeowner yell from his front porch but kept running all the same. Great; now he was an environmental vandal as well as extremely pissed off.

It's always about Jack. What about what Daniel wanted? Didn't that matter? Anyway, what the fuck was Jack doing fixing this guy's car, when Daniel's own car spluttered like a chaff cutter? How many weeks had he been asking Jack to try and find the time to look at it? Sooner or later he was going to breakdown in that old relic but Jack couldn't even be bothered to look under the hood for him.

Daniel was sick to death of Jack taking advantage of his good nature. What was needed here was a lesson. Yes, Jack needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to know that he shouldn't take Daniel for granted otherwise he would simply continue to take liberties with him and well, Daniel didn't like Jack thinking he was in charge. They certainly weren't at work now. Daniel needed to show Jack that he wasn't always going to be in control of every little thing in their lives.

A quiet determination settled over Daniel as he rounded the corner for home and started jogging back up their street. His speed slackened off a little and he started to think that maybe he'd over-reacted. If he had a few quiet words with Jack they might be able to agree that this guy should just collect his car and come back for dinner another night.

Or not.

As he passed by number 27, Daniel noticed that the garage door was up. He couldn't help himself; he was curious to know a little more about the mystery man so he stopped in front of the house and started jogging on the spot to have a better look inside. Space wise, the garage was a carbon copy of Jack's, but that was where the similarities ended. Instead of a dim, dark space strewn with junk, this garage was ablaze with fluorescent lights. In fact they shone so brightly that all the detail came into sharp focus for Daniel even without his glasses on.

It had been set up as a home gym and had just about everything a fit man could want in such a place, including an oversized muscle bound hunk. Daniel couldn't believe his eyes. Now he understood. Number 27 was an Adonis! He was tall and well built and his butt was pert and nicely rounded and rode high in his microscopic shorts. The small expanse of skin that he glimpsed in the space between the top of his pants and the end of his shirt was tanned and oiled. Even though Daniel couldn't see the man's face he was certain he would be handsome. Jack was a sucker for a pretty face and he reckoned that this particular pretty face was looking for a free service - pun intended. Daniel's anger returned in a rush. Yep, Jack needed a lesson alright and now he was going to get it.

As he jogged up the drive, Daniel saw Jack leaning into the engine of the Nissan. He was balancing on one foot - the other slightly lifted off the ground, completely immersed in the task of fixing the car. Perfect. Time to claim what was his. Daniel came into the open doorway, picked up the remote control and pressed the closed button. The door sprang into life with a stutter and immediately started to roll down. He tossed the remote onto the bench by the door and waited in the half light for Jack to react.

"Hey! …Daniel? What's...? Mmmpff."

Daniel quickly covered the space between them and aggressively took Jack's mouth in a searing kiss. Jack was caught totally unaware and stumbled back into the side panel of the car with a thud. His hands flew up to steady himself, leaving two perfect palm prints on the younger man's white shirt with his grease-smeared hands.

Daniel smashed his lips and teeth against Jack's mouth so hard that Jack yelped in surprise. When he tried to pull his head back a little, Daniel twisted his hand in the front of Jack's t-shirt and, fisting the fabric, he pulled him away from the car and swung him around into a line of boxes. With the kiss broken, Jack staggered and tried to keep his footing as Daniel turned back to face the car and quickly slammed the hood down.

Jack didn't quite understand what was going on but he did get the message that Daniel was completely and utterly out of control. He sensed the aggression in Daniel's pursuit of him and couldn't help but be turned on. Two could play at that game he thought, as he lunged at the younger man. Daniel was well ahead of him however and deftly stepped aside leaving Jack to run headlong into the closed hood of the car.

Daniel whooped with triumph as he came up behind Jack and snagged his right arm and twisted it up behind his back between his shoulder blades. He used the other hand to hold Jack's head down to the cool metal. Jack sampled the warm coppery taste of blood on his lips and in his mouth.

"Shit, Daniel! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Shut up, Jack, I win."

Daniel ruthlessly pushed Jack's forehead down on the hood one more time before letting go of his head. With his hand now freed, Daniel worked the top of his sweatpants down just enough to release his cock. Then he started to claw at Jack's jeans and underwear like a man possessed.

"Daniel, if you wanted a fuck you only had to ask me. What's this all about?"

Jack figured if he struggled hard enough he could probably wiggle free of Daniel's grip, but in all honesty he was well and truly into this and as horny as hell. That was until he felt a sharp pain in his ankle when Daniel used his foot to kick his legs further apart.

"Crap! That hurts!"

"Shut the fuck up, Jack," Daniel snarled into his lover's ear. "I got a look at your new friend by the way."

Jack froze. He caught the reflection of himself in the shiny hood of 27's car and managed a small smile; game on.

"You're so predictable, Jack. Well if I can't get my quiet night in then I think you know what has to happen next, don't you?"

Jack's only response was his ragged breathing. He loved it when Daniel got like this. Loved it when he wanted to stake his claim on him. In him. Let's face it, Daniel was never your garden variety nerdy scientist and blind Freddie could see that, so he was hardly ever going to be your atypical lover. Even so Jack was constantly being surprised by the depths that Daniel had in him and the lengths he would go to, to keep Jack in his bed. This Daniel was aggressive and needy, and prone to bouts of jealousy and temper and Jack couldn't get enough of him.

Daniel was through with words now and instead of talking he used his finger to start rubbing at Jack's exposed hole. Jack moaned at the unexpected friction and when Daniel plunged a moistened finger inside him, he felt his cock start to come to life in anticipation. Daniel didn't waste much time in moving things along. The foreplay was now officially over.

Jack felt Daniel's weight press him into the car as the younger man covered his body. This was followed quickly by the head of Daniel's cock as it came to rest in the cleft of his butt cheeks. Jack's own dick was starting to throb and he felt his legs going limp. In fact, he was so turned on he could hardly stand. When Daniel breached his hole with his cock and started to pump into him, his inability to remain upright was partially solved. Even though Daniel wasn't making much head way, he was thrusting so furiously that it was lifting Jack off his feet, effectively suspending him on the hood of the car.

As dry fucks went, this one was fairly torrid. Daniel was getting more and more frustrated by his failure to penetrate Jack deeply enough and so he ran the palm of his hand over his forehead and used the perspiration he collected there to lubricate his dick. Jack's ass was burning under Daniel's assault and when the salty perspiration found his ragged hole he yelped again.

"Arrgh fuck, Daniel! Lube for crying out loud; find some fucking lube!"

Daniel knew he had to find something to use or this fuck was going nowhere. When he whipped his head around he noticed Jack had left a half a bottle of Bud resting on his toolbox. The first thing Jack knew about it was when he felt the amber fluid cascading down the cleft of his butt cheeks and the bubbles tingling his hole.

"Holy fuck!"

Daniel felt the shock of the cooling liquid as it hit his abused cock. With his next thrust he inched a little deeper into Jack's ass. Yeeeesssss this was working just fine. He pulled back and poured a little more beer onto his dick and thrust forward again. This time he slid in balls deep and took off at pace, proceeding to pound Jack mercilessly. The sound of Daniel's harsh breathing filled the garage, punctuated by the metallic sound of the creaking suspension of number 27's car as it played host to the fuck fest.

Jack was now completely splayed across the hood of the car. There was grease smeared as far as the eye could see from Jack's grimy paw prints and number 27's shiny new conveyance was starting to look more like a second hand trade in. Daniel held Jack's hips firmly in place as he started to climax and when Jack felt his lover's breath hitch he knew he was about to come. And come he did. For the first time in along time, Daniel yelled. Loudly.

Jack smiled as Daniel's exhausted body flopped down across his back. He took Daniel's weight, even though his legs were killing him. He suspected they were both going to have unsightly bruises on their kneecaps from the amount of contact they had been having with the side panel of the car. Jack waited patiently. Daniel was still wedged firmly inside of him and he wasn't about to move in a hurry. One thing was for sure; he knew he would never look at his garage in the same way again.

"I hate you, you know," Daniel purred into Jack's ear.

"Yes I can see that."

"I need a fucking shower."

"So do I, Danny boy. Do you think you could remove yourself from inside of me before you attempt to walk away?"

Jack felt the pressure of both of Daniel's palms in the small of his back as he lifted the top half of his body off him. This was followed by the feeling of Daniel's cock gently sliding out of his butt. Jack reached down and pulled his trousers up before turning to find Daniel standing behind him, eyes locked onto his.

"I hate you, you bastard," he hissed as he grabbed Jack's head and leaned in for a long and steamy kiss. A kiss that was minus the earlier aggression; but still full of heat all the same. Jack responded with enthusiasm. It amazed him that the younger man felt the need to remind him so often just who owned whom. Jack would walk over hot coals for Daniel, for crying out loud. There was and never would be anyone else for Jack but him.

Daniel trailed his fingers down the length of Jack's arm and when he reached his wrist, he went down the rest of the way and curled his fingers around Jack's hand. He turned and walked away, hauling his sweats up from his hips with his free hand and dragging Jack behind him with the other. They blazed a slow trail through the house, ending up together in the bathroom. Jack closed the door while Daniel reached inside the shower stall and set the water running. Both men quietly undressed, dropping their clothes to the tiled floor.

"Well that's the end of that shirt," Daniel mumbled to himself as he paused to look at his t-shirt. Jack had the good grace to look embarrassed, even if it wasn't his fault.

Finally naked, they stood face-to-face as the room started to steam up. Jack was still eager for more and so he left the younger man in no doubt of his intentions by closing the space between them and leaning in to suckle one of his nipples. Daniel let his head loll back against the closed door and pressed Jack's head to his chest as his lover fisted his limp cock for extra measure.

"Wait, Jack," Daniel said as he pushed him back a step.

"What?" Jack's earnest brown eyes searched Daniel's face.

"All's fair in love and war," he replied as he dropped slowly to his knees in front of the older man. On the way down he let his fingers ghost along Jack's torso leaving a trail of gooseflesh in his wake. Jack shuddered as Daniel reached his dick and took him into his mouth. This was the time that Jack enjoyed sex with Daniel the most. Right after Daniel had been on one of his lesson teaching jags he usually felt the need for some make up sex. Making up for what, Jack had no idea; all he knew was that this sex was sweet and tender and that suited him just fine. That these two lovers could live in the same body made life unpredictable to say the least.

Daniel worked Jack's cock until he was well and truly hard, then rose to his feet. He nuzzled into Jack's neck and sucked his earlobe into his mouth, eliciting loud moans of pleasure from him. Daniel's dick was hard now too and he swung his hips back and forth, gently jousting with Jack's rigid cock and sending shock waves through both their eager bodies.

"Come on, let's get into the shower before all the hot water runs out," he said as he pulled Jack in the direction of the cubicle. Daniel led him to the stall and when Jack turned to walk under the water he grabbed two handfuls of butt cheek and smiled wickedly. Jack stepped into the water and leant face-first against the tiles, his ass jutting out slightly. Daniel sank to the ground, pried Jack's cheeks apart and started to lick his very raw hole. Even though the water had been running over him, Jack still tasted of Bud. Daniel wasn't normally a beer drinker but he thought he could really get to like this particular beer-flavored treat.

"Hey, do I taste like beer?"

Daniel laughed and in the process snorted a stream of water up his nose that had him coughing like a twenty-five a day man. He fell to one side, desperately trying to clear the water from his burning nasal passages.

"I'll take that as a yes. Can you breathe?"

"Barely. Turn around."

Jack did as he was asked, only to find Daniel on his feet and once again staring determinedly into his eyes.

"Find out for yourself," he offered as he pushed Jack against the wall and plunged his tongue into his open mouth.

Jack sank into the kiss, but found himself chasing Daniel's tongue around his mouth like a hare at the race track. Daniel kept up the game for a good while and, just when Jack was about to pull back, Daniel smiled broadly around the kiss and acquiesced. Jack captured Daniel's tongue and sucked on it, happy to have finally scored his prize.

"Ummmmm, Bud," he announced as he pulled back, licking his lips.

Daniel looked at Jack's overjoyed face and laughed.

"So a beer-flavored kiss is all it takes, eh, Homer?"

"It's a start. But since you're asking, you could fix my dick, Danny boy. I could hammer nails with it at the moment."

To emphasize his point, Jack waggled his hips and then pushed his groin forward. Daniel reached up to the railing and pulled down a flannel and a bright yellow soap on a rope. Daniel had found this particular antiquity in the back of one of Jack's drawers and he was absolutely determined to use it even though it smelled like a cross between old spice and moth balls.

Daniel soaped up the flannel and when it was good and sudsy, he started to wash Jack in long, sweeping strokes. He started with Jack's chest and worked his way down to his balls, being careful not to touch his rather fine-looking erection. Every time Daniel swept the flannel passed his cock, Jack angled his hips to try to get even the tiniest bit of contact, but Daniel was on his game and way too fast for him. Being a tease from way back, Daniel returned his attention to Jack's chest. Jack sighed and let his hips drop as his butt connected with the tiled wall.

"Hey, take your time here, Daniel, why don't you."

"Jack, pouting does not become a man of your rank and stature. Just relax, I need you good and clean."

Daniel propelled the washcloth around Jack's chest a few more times. Jack closed his eyes and leaned back. When he felt the cloth graze his armpit he raised both of his arms above his head and clasped his hands together around the shower head. Daniel directed the cloth up his arm and down again, tracing the lines of Jack's body in warm soapy caresses. Eventually, he dropped back down on his knees and made his way back to Jack's balls.

Jack's dick was still ramrod straight and the water cascading off the head of his shaft made him look like one of those Italian cherubs in a European fountain. Daniel couldn't help but take a swipe at it with his tongue. Almost on reflex, Jack jutted his hips forward and nearly took Daniel's eye out in the process. Poor Jack needed his release but Daniel wasn't quite ready to let him have it just yet. Instead he held Jack's dick out of the way and started to mouth and lave at his heavy balls. Jack's hands left the showerhead and came to rest on the top of his lover's head, gently encouraging him to continue.

Daniel was using his hands on Jack's testicles now, rolling them around in his palms and gently tugging on them. When he felt a sudden weight, he opened his eyes and looked down. Daniel had skillfully suspended the soap on a rope from his balls. The dragging feeling was amazing and when Daniel started to suck his dick in long, slippery movements, Jack thought he was going to die. It wasn't long before he felt the tell tale stirring in the pit of his stomach that heralded the approach of his orgasm and so he arched his lower back and pushed his shoulders into the tiled wall for leverage. Daniel reached out and took the weight of the dangling soap, allowing Jack to climax all over the younger man's chest and face.

Eventually, Jack fell back against the tiles as Daniel lifted his face to the gushing water and allowed the evidence to be washed away. He picked up the washcloth and soaped himself liberally from head to toe, as Jack slid to the floor of the cubicle. When he was finished, Danny leaned in and kissed Jack's forehead on his way out of the shower.

"Don't stay in there too long. We're expecting company, remember?"

Jack rubbed his eyes against the streaming water and tried to focus on Daniel's face.

"Shit. What time is it?"

"No idea, lover, but you'd better get outta there and find out," he said as he wrapped a crisp white towel around himself and strolled out the door.

Jack flopped out of the cubicle like a fish out of water. If he could just get his legs to work that would be a good start. The bathroom looked like a train wreck. No, on second thoughts, with their clothes strewn all over the place it looked more like a roman bath post orgy. Hopefully, their guest wouldn't need to use the facilities.

Jack dried himself, washed his teeth and messed up his hair by running his fingers through it. By the time he dashed into the bedroom to grab clothes, Daniel was already dressed and he could hear food preparation noises floating down the hall. Just as Jack slipped his feet into his shoes, he heard the doorbell.


"Busy, Daniel, could you get it?"

"Um no, busy myself actually."

"Daniel, for crying out loud, get the door!"

Jack heard the shuffle of Daniel's feet on the rug as he passed by the bedroom on his way to the front door and he couldn't help but smile. There was a creaking noise as the door opened and Jack stood silently in the open doorway of his room and listened.


"Hello. You must be Daniel. I'm Richard…you know, from number 27?"

Daniel looked dumbfounded.

"I am? You are? I mean, of course you are. Sorry…come in."

In the shadows, Jack had his hand clamped firmly over his mouth so he wouldn't snort. Game on. He needed to compose himself before he waded into this so he took a moment to grab a few deep breaths. Using the light flooding in from the hallway, he took one last look at himself in the mirror and then strode out into the hall.

"Rick, glad you could make it, buddy," Jack said, extending his hand. He took in the man standing in his hallway, noting that not much had changed since he'd last seen him, with the exception that he was now dressed for the occasion. His was still wearing the same oversized dark rimmed glasses he'd had on earlier but now his dark hair was greased and slicked down. He had on his best checked shirt and what appeared to be a brand new floral tie. To round off the ensemble, he had a black canvas bomber jacket that had definitely seen better days and a pair of charcoal grey pants that were roughly an inch too short for his legs. This, of course, exposed his white socks and black trainers making this short man look even shorter, if that was at all possible.

"Um, it's Richard actually, Jack," the smaller man said as he returned the handshake. He was looking rather self-conscious as he pushed his oversized glasses up the bridge of his nose and stepped into the hallway.

When Jack turned to look at Daniel, he was standing there like a goldfish. Jack reached out and, using one finger under his chin, closed his gaping mouth.

"You'll have to forgive him, Rick, we don't get many visitors. Come in, come in. Daniel, let the nice man past."

Daniel stepped aside as Jack threw his arm around the little man's shoulders and herded him down the hallway. It suddenly occurred to Daniel that this man reminded him of that actor, Rick Moranis, and he had to stop himself from laughing out loud. No wonder Jack wanted to call him Rick - apart from the fact that Jack was an ass and never called anyone by their proper name. So just who the hell was that guy in Richard's garage? Daniel glared at the back of Jack's head as he retreated down the hallway with Richard tucked firmly under his arm like some sort of prize he'd won at the local fair. He was certain Jack knew who the mystery garage man was and Daniel was intent on finding out. Oh boy, was Jack going to pay for this as soon as the garden gnome had gone home.

The evening passed pleasantly enough and, to everyone's surprise, Richard was a little knowledgeable about most things. To Daniel's relief, football was never mentioned the entire evening and the only questionable conversation that took place was when Jack asked loudly why the man's wife and kids had left him. He of course followed that up by saying that he wasn't nosey but that Daniel needed to know. Daniel blushed scarlet, but when Richard answered him; he shot him that long suffering look that said I understand your pain. God, living with Jack could be a roller coaster ride all right. Of course, as it transpired, Richard's wife had left him for another man. Go figure!

As they saw Richard to the door, Daniel couldn't help himself; he had one more question that just had to be answered.

"Richard, if you don't mind me asking; who was that guy in your garage today?" Daniel asked, all the while glaring at Jack, daring him to chime in.

"In my garage? That would have been Antonio; he's my personal trainer. I know, what's a guy like me doing with a personal trainer, but you know - fresh start, new me and all that. We're just setting things up in there at the moment. Hey, if you guys ever want to use my equipment, feel free to come on down. Okay, well I better go; I'll be back for the car tomorrow, Jack. I'm sorry you couldn't get it finished, I feel like I'm imposing on you now."

"Hey, think nothing of it, Rick old buddy; a few more hours of work and it'll be finished. Like I said I love my garage and you can't help interruptions now, can you?"